Effective reading

shubham (CA FINAL NOW ) (138 Points)

31 July 2011  

                                      EFFECTIVE READING 

reading and effective reading are two different things , everyone should try to go for effective reading . 

for a instance i am giving an example below , read that and try to answer it in first reading and that will tell you how much effective reader you are .

ex. once there was a rich man  , someone killed him on 2nd october 1991 at 11 a.m.  after some time police came and starts the investigation  from the people of the house .  the police asked 3 persons that who killed the man , the first told that he was cooking food when that happen , the second one told them he was gradening the plants  and the third one told that he was at the postoffice for some fork when that happen . After thinking some time the police arrested the killer and went away . someone from the three was leing . the question is who was the killer , tell it with reason . answer it in first reading and in one minute .  just a general question which make ourself come to know that how effective reader we are .