Do You Know How To Live?

Himanshu grover (c.a. final) (375 Points)

25 September 2009  

Do You Know How To Live?

here is a very interesting and very thoughtful story before you all.

Hope you will like and even learn from it.


There was a man who never did anything wrong, he was the perfect model for many.

When he died, he was taken before Chitragupt.

Chitragupt looked at the man's record, the mad had not done a single crime.Chitragupt was impressed.

Then Chitragupt looked at the pages of the good things and that too was blank.The man had never helped anybody, never hurt anybody. So, Chitragupt was confused.

Chitragupt took him to Brahma..but he too was unable to come at a decision and so reffered the case to Krishna.

Lord Krishna ordered Chitragupt to bring the records.

On a very careful examination , an entry was noticed on the good works page.

It said " Gave two paise to begger at the age of six."

"There", said Krishna "return his two paise and send him back to earth, humans have not yet learned  how to live."