Difference between judicial & non-judicial stamp paper

Anuj jain (CA Final Student) (163 Points)

07 December 2012  

                             Difference Between Judicial & Non-Judicial Stamp paper

  1. Stamp papers which would be used in courts like for payment of court fees is Judicial stamp paper. Stamp papers which would be used for execution of documents are called non judicial stamp papers.
  2. Something which has relation to the administration of justice, judicial papers/stamps are used. Some thing with which is related to the transfer of property, commercial agreements, Power of Attorney etc, Non judicial stamp papers are used.
  3. judicial stamps are also known as court fee stamp paper. Now, when you are lodging any civil plaint or a complaint under the negotiable instruments act, you have to pay court fees which is proportionate to the amount of your claim. now, the clerks cannot be trusted with money which could go to a maximum of 3 lakhs. so in order to avoid this cash transaction, court fe stamp papers are made on which the case no, name of the parties and signature of advocates are put and attached to the end of the plaint.
  4. Stamp Duty paid in respect of Non-Judicial stamp paper is paid under The Indian Stamp Act, 1899 and Stamp Duty paid in respect of Judicial stamp paper is paid under the Court Fees Act, 1870.