Did u always want to become a CA?


Friends, today I was jus thinkin what plans I had made since childhood for my career. I have given this name to my post coz I don't think we all r doin what v had planned since childhood.


Talkin about my plans for my future(career), when i was a kid...I used to hear my friends say "I want to become a doctor". I too started sayin da same "I wanna be a doctor."  Den when I grew up and was in the VIII Std., I started thinkin "I want to become a Vet" become of my immense love for animals. Then I realised it is a tough job, u get paid less n besides I started finding it Borrrinnngg. Then I developed an interest in Palmistry and wanted to make it a side-business. Hahaha


In my early college years, I started thinkin of becoming a Computer Engineer.....after some years an environmentalist due to my love for nature.


CA was sumthin I never actually thought of. One day I jus thought "Lets giv CPT a try" n I cleared n today I am a PCC Student n CA is everything for me.


I still love animals, love nature n stil hav interest in Palmistry....but it does not matter coz I wanna becum a CA!!!!! 


I jus wanted to know my friends, "Was CA always your dream career"........definitely not!!!!