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Diabetic Information And Cure

Page no : 5

Susan Eapen (4 Points)
Replied 30 April 2018

Dear Mr. Gopalakrishnan,

Have you continued with this treatment? Mr Lakshman is also silent about further progress.

Please reply.

Susan Eapen (4 Points)
Replied 29 June 2019

Dear Sir,

Last year somebody sent me the Tony Almeida recipe, but it did not have gum as an ingredient. I verified for hoaxes and came across your posts and I made this without the gum because it is the gum that is causing the porridge to gel.

i used Kaphali Wheat ( broken ) , barley and black seed. All three are known to benefit diabetics. Barley resets gut bacteria for a while. There is research reports on that. There is an ISRO engineer who reversed diabetes using exercise (4 km walks ) and kaphali wheat. Black seed is an accepted diabetes treatment.

my concoction did not gel and I sieved out the water while still hot. But I used it only for a day . The results were excellent. PPBS after dosa ( one, the size of the nonstick pan) , the chutney powder, a spoon of jam and one plantain was 109. In 3 hours 88. I was on Lantus 10 units.

30 minutes after a glass of sugary lime juice was 155.

i had decided to start LCHF so did not pursue this.

The gum is sure to reduce blood sugar further because of the mucilage.

Blood sugar is tricky. Even moods affect it. I used the Black seed which looks like till, not black jeera which is a dark, thin cumin. Please confirm this.

thank you

susan eapen

It was somewhere in July-Aug 2018.

Through LCHF I brought blood sugar down, but it is a lifetime commitment. I have combined fasting as well. Weight loss and loss of central obesity is the key. Barley water has been used by many for weight loss. 

It is all very complex. 

But I will try this again. Now I have added Medicinal Breathwork. That calms the mind and brings stillness. Central obesity is linked to higher cortisol levels.

How is Mrs. Lakshmanan now?





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