Shehbaz (Accountant) (125 Points)

26 April 2013  

MR. A is a  Professional issue 4  bill of rs 25000 to a co. in the month of april, may, dec, jan. The accountent make a chaque Of Rs. 25000 without deduting tds in the mounth of april and may.

and in the month dec accountant deduct TDS to OF rs 7500 (i.e 2500 in the april bill+ 2500 in the may bill+ 2500 in the current bill) and issue a cheque of Rs. 17500 (i.e. 25000-7500) .

In the month of dec the accountent make a cheque of RS. 22500(i.e 25000-2500).


So Q is the accountent do right job or Wrong?