Happy birthday da.

Vandana Mulchandani (Finance Manager ) (9227 Points)

18 May 2012  

Today its the birthday of our favourite member on board - Sri Sourav Baneerjee.

I remember that karan has posted wishes on 05.12.2012. but thats the official birthday as per records and this birthday was practically true one ( kyuki wo birth date har jagah par di jathi he).


Thinks apart..!

lets all wish him for this original day.


Happie birhtday to u da. may all  your wishes come true and have a good year ahead.

Few lines and a sketch is dedicated to u as a virtual gift from your sister.




Birthdays should be a special time

  as everyone should know.

  It means living another year of living

  another year to grow.

Birthdays should be a special time

  for each to then reflect,

  On the past and on the present

and what the future might expect.


Birthdays should be a special time

  to start anew,

  Setting goals and working to make

each and every dream come true.




Best wishes and good luck to u..


Your sister,

Vandana K Mulchandani,