List of ca final faculties in hyderabad- a useful guide

Prerna (STudent) (63 Points)

16 May 2012  


Dear Freinds,

I had given the below list in a separate thread in CAClub. I am starting a new thread here again so that we can add to this list and make it a useful guide for all our friends.


1. Accountacy

Rank 1: Shastry (Nallakunta)

Rank 2: Mallikarjuna Rao (Legend Academy)

Rank 3: Subba Rao (CMS)



Rank 1: Alok Agarwal (Legend Academy)

Rank 2: Shastri Sir (Nallakunta)

Rank 3: Chandrasekhar (CMS)


3. Law

Rank 1: Jayaraman (Spell Bound)


4. Audit

Rank 1: Kaliprasad

Rank 2: Pavan (Sri Medha)


5. Costing

Sampath Kumar (Spell Bound)

KJ Rao


6. Direct Taxes

Rank 1: Kamaraju

Rank 2: RP (CMS)


7. Indirect Taxes

Rank 1: Alok Agarwal (Legend)

Rank 2: Srinivas (Nallakunta)


Request you to add to this list and make it exhaustive.