Desirous to transfer shares online to my sister's daughter from nsdl online

Kannan Iyer (5 Points)

08 March 2023  

Respected Experts,

I am desirous to Off-Market transfer certain Equity shares to my sister's daughter NSDL Online platform. Since I am transferring to my relative without any consideration, there are two options available to do off-market transfer... namely "Gift" and Transfer to a Specified Family Member".  If one selects "Transfer between specified family members" or "Gift"...., next step one has to select Relation (drop down window) in which sister's daughter is not mentioned. (Only Spouse, Father, Mother, Son, Son's wife, Daughter, Daughter's Husband, Brother, Sister, Member of same HUF,)

Can you please help me how to transfer shares to my sister's daughter from NSDL online platform?