Creative study

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27 May 2011  

 Creative study

First of all I am really thankful to all for appreciating my DiL se series…my friends , my brother and many more persons really liked it so much. Many person said me to carry on  my dil se series again. But its not possible … many questioned me how to make study interesting .... So here is my article upon the same.


That’s the big fuss with all of us ,how to study creatively ?  How to make it more and more interesting.Suppose you  play a game of carom, cricket, chess or whatever ….you don’t start with winning from the beginning.Its obvious that without knowing the know-how….the special skills of the game you cant do that.So lets start how to acquire those special skills.So lets us start how to acquire those special skills in studies…..


·        Refreshing mood -----


§  Obviously unless your mind is not refresh , you cant give your best. Just give an hour for study but that must be effective too.

Just release all sorts of tensions out of your mind for that hour atleast. If its hard to concentrate for whole hour …then try for just 15 minutes .Simple


·        Proper guidelines -----


§  You cant give the best until you don’t know what you are really supposed to do .So first decide what you want to do.And obviously set a time limit for that work to be finished.


·        Beat the time -----


§  Whatever you are studying ,how much hard you are studying ,give that the same required time .Suppose you have decided 1 hour for doing A/c ,but your questions are not resolved yet. Leave that subject after that hour. Because day by day your productivity will be capable enough to beat the time. So just let your mind free from the thoughts “its almost an hour …I didn’t even solved 1 question yet”


·        Rest time ----


§  Take 5-10 minutes rest after that productivity hour is over.But generally our break tend to break all the limits .And this 5 minutes break become ½ an hour break. So always wear a watch to remind you of the time of your break.

§  Don’t  take a break of eating or chatting or TV  for this 5 minutes;(.

§  It should be a break of dancing, exercise ,or aerobics…so that the break should rejuvenate you.


·        Creativity -----   


§  Suppose you want to read law for 3 days , then obviously you cant change the intrinsic depth of  same subject.You will have to learn the concepts of theory and apply the same principles during case study.

§  Add creativity --- suppose till you learn the same question , start writing them

§  If you are sitting and studying then walk and study.

§  Use highlighter and different pens for notes to make it more and more attractive….in short lagna chahiye ki kaam dil se kiya hai ….

§  Its all about creativity …do whatever you want to add in your study.

§  Ahem….specially for girls it may be easy because we normally tend to do this things ..i.e for example adding more or less or changing the masalas in the dish which change the whole flavor of the dish.


·        Competition -----


§  This point is mainly important to those who do self study. Because you cant compare your competition level while sitting in home . So after finishing a part of something revise the same thing in 75 % of the same time limit you have used to learn that thing.

§  Check your level of performance level every time.

§  It will give you a blue print assessment of what you have studied and how well you studied.

§  Be a teacher of yourself .Its a must quality.


Always take help of your seniors ….as they have more knowledge than you …..normally we are not tend to do this thing;(.



Renu ..