Complete Details of CPA

Vivek Jain (CEO) (316 Points)

12 June 2007  

The Uniform CPA Examination consists of four sections:
1. Auditing and Attestation (AUD),
2. Business Environment and Concepts (BEC),
3. Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR), and
4. Regulation (REG).

Sections are made up of testlets (groups of up to 30 multiple-choice questions) and simulations (case studies).

Candidates are expected to possess basic computer skills, including familiarity with the use of a mouse and keyboard.


Simulations are condensed case studies developed to test candidates' accounting knowledge and skills, using real-life work situations. All simulations assess knowledge and skills at a level appropriate for entry-level CPAs.

Some simulations will include an online search as a required task. You will receive access to the appropriate accounting literature database during the exam

The sample tests will familiarize CPA exam candidates with the format, content, and functionalities of the CPA examination. Sample test software lets candidates download and answer a sample set of multiple-choice questions and a simulation.


All applicants are required to pay both an application fee and an examination fee upon submission of the initial application.

Approximante Fee Structure is given below :-

Application fee: $ 140.00

Examination fees are listed below.

Auditing and Attestation (AUD) $ 187.00

Business Environment and Concepts (BEC) $ 140.78

Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR) $ 175.44

Regulation (REG) $ 152.33


Applicants will be able to apply for one or more section(s) of the examination at a time. You should not apply for a section for
the examination unless you are ready to take it within the next 6 months.
All fees must be paid at the time of application and must be in US dollars. Certified checks or money orders must be drawn
on a US bank and made payable to CPA Examination Services.
Allow eight weeks for complete processing of the application and all required educational documentation.


All candidates are advised to see the Candidate Bulletin at for complete instructions.
After eligibility to take the examination is determined, an Authorization To Test (ATT) will be sent to the National Candidate
Database (NCD) at NASBA. NASBA will issue a Notice To Schedule (NTS) to eligible candidates. The NTS is sent to
candidates by the method of notification indicated on the application. The NTS will be valid for a 6-month period.
Once an NTS has been issued, an eligible candidate has 6 months from the date of the NTS to schedule and take the approved
examination section(s).
Remember your NTS includes the date that your NTS expires. If your NTS expires prior to your taking the examination
section(s), you will not be able to reschedule or receive a refund on any of the fees you have paid and you will have to reapply
for the examination and pay the appropriate application and examination fees.


If a Chartered Accountant of India is applying for COLORADO State , then you do not require to earn other credits by giving various exams to get the eligibility criteria .

Thus , if you are an Indian Chartered Accountant ,
you can directly apply for the colorado state examination
by attaching a notarised CA Final Passing
Certificate issued by ICAI .

you can also give the colorado state CPA Exam sitting in Texas .


Candidates may take the required sections individually and in any order. Candidates who pass a section during an
examination window (the first two months of each quarter) will be granted credit for the section passed.
Credit for any section passed shall be valid for six examination windows following the examination window in which the
candidate initially earned credit, and a candidate must pass all four sections within that period. Candidates who do not pass
all four sections within that period shall lose credit for each section passed.
Candidates cannot retake any failed section within the same examination window.

Sections Length
Auditing and Attestation (AUD) 4.5 hours
Business Environment and Concepts (BEC) 2.5 hours
Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR) 4.0 hours
Regulation (REG) 3.0 hours

Initial (and transfer) applicants must submit to CPA Examination Services:
(1) Completed and signed application with a 2"x2" photograph attached;
(2) Fee payable to CPA Examination Services. Certified checks must be drawn on a US bank;
(3) Official transcript (or foreign evaluation) from each academic institution at which credit toward the educational
requirement was earned;
(4) CPA Examination Services staff is available by telephone, Monday through Friday, between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Central
Time at 800-CPA-EXAM or 615-880-4250.
Submit Application Materials, Application fees, and Examination fees to:
CPA Examination Services
P.O. Box 440555
Nashville, TN 37244


The institute does not as such provide with the modules and stuff .
You will have to buy the modules from a private tutor .
The best in this field is “Beckers” . But the modules of beckers
are really expensive .

If you want any help regarding the modules , i can help you
out with the same in an economical manner , because i am also pursuing CPA at the moment and i have bought it from other private tutor .