Commerce or science ?

Eienstein (Student CA IPC / IPCC) (24 Points)

28 April 2013  

Hello everyone , Basically I love science very much , I scored 97 % in science in high school level . I am able to understand science theories easily , like quantum physics  ( Even though i am a commerce student )  I EVEN ONCE HELPED A 12th SCIENCE STUDENT BY CLEARING HER DOUBT IN THEORY OF DUAL NATURE OF MATTER AND RADIATION   WHICH I LEARNT IT BY MYSELF WHEN I WAS IN 9TH ( THAT TIME I NEVER KNEW 12TH CBSE HAD THIS )   . I was forced by my parents  to take commerce , Sorry to say   I FIND NO LOGIC IN COMMERCE  , I am a CA student , Passed CPT with 152 now gonna give my Inter , i scored 94 % IN CBSE 12th exam  ( COMMERCE GROUP )  .

In science i can tell you the logic behind the atomic table, atomic number and their valency . Can any one in commerce tell me the logic behind why the section 227- Powers and duties of auditors or 228- Audit of accounts of branch office of company  of Companies Act 1956 ? I see no logic in these  and find it hard to memorize these . I know the logic of Atomic numbers so even if i forget one I can apply the formula to get it right . But here in Commerce ?  I feel its the biggest mistake of my life . A SCIENCE STUDENT CAN DO CA , BUT A COMMERCE STUDENT IS NOT EVEN ALLOWED TO COME NEAR ANY SCIENCE FIELD .SO COMMERCE STUDENTS ARE INFERIOR TO SCIENCE AINT IT ?

. For those who think only CA FAILURES talk like this I never failed so far and will not fail in this IPC exam .  I guess even if I pass CA i cant shine in this field . I want some Hepl and advice brothers and sisters .