Clubbing of Income u/s 64

sachin v (abc) (82 Points)

24 June 2009  

Dear Sir,

Please let me know that i am taking coachings and my income Rs. 2.25 lacs p.a. from other sources.  My husband who is having income more than > Rs. 11 lacs (From Salary) gave me a cheque of Rs. 64035/- from his income As a Loan But Not as a Gift,  out of which I gave back Rs. 32,000 to him. Balance Rs. 32035/- is due to him. My query is Is Rs. 64035/- to be clubbed in my husband's income under clubbing provisions ? and Gift to Relative is exempt upto what amount ??

What is the latest slab for female for AY09-10?


Pl inform at the earliest .. Regards,