Career option in investment banking after

Disha Desai (Finance Professional) (173 Points)

17 April 2015  

The big question for those who want to make a career in investment banking is whether their school of investment banking teaches them enough to land a job. A majority of schools will not teach near enough to land an interview.  There is a big gap between what schools teach and what investment banking recruiters expect them to know.  



In an emerging economy like India, prospects for investment bankers are very bright. Vast potential in entrepreneurial activity and various innovation possibilities make it attractive for those who want to join the industry Investment banking as a career is very challenging, exciting and promising. There are many institutes in India, which offer Investment banking programmes. These institutes of investment banking courses in India offer undergraduate and postgraduate level. Investment banking is vast field and offers services like providing advisory services, trading securities, selling and underwriting securities for companies, individual and governments. There are many colleges, which offer degree, diploma, certificate courses. One can pursue Diploma in Investment Banking and Equity Research, MBA in Investment Banking, Post Graduate Programme in Security Analysis, Portfolio Management & Investment Banking, Under Graduate Programme in Security Analysis, Portfolio Management & Investment Banking, BA in Finance & Investment Banking, PG Diploma in Banking & Finance, Post Graduate Diploma in Investment & Business Research, Post Graduate Diploma in Global Investment.