Can he do CA final?

Balaji (Student) (28 Points)

01 October 2010  

Hi Everyone,

My apologies for the lengthy mail but it deserves it. Please read through it and give your suggestions.


My name is Balaji and located in Bangalore. I have a younger brother who completed his CA Inter in 2006 after 2-3 attempts. We gave our 100% support to go ahead and complete articles and CA Final. He was doing articles in Hyderabad and everything was going smooth and fine until he met one girl. She joined a company in Hyderabad and she is our far relatives. So they asked my brother to support her as she is new to Hyd. I don’t know how it happened they fell in love and are deep. At least to our understanding my brother initially opposed but she is keen on him and promised to wait till he finishes his CA Final and settle in life. Unfortunately recently around couple of months ago the girl left (or may be forced to left by her parents) him and her parents almost found an alliance to her.


I think by now you understand the situation. My brother is completely broken and in deep sorrow. We are giving our best moral support to him but I know it will take some time for him to recover. We find there is no scope or hope from her or her family. After the break-up he tried to continue his CA final coaching but he finds it difficult. He couldn't remember the things that he study and concentrate. After few months upon our suggestion he started job search but didn't find any yet and it is adding to his depression and feels like he is not getting anything he wants.


Still he is in the shock and keep crying and cursing his fate. Now he wants to go for a long-term (1year) coaching in Vijayawada. We will be more than happy if he can do that but not sure whether he can able to do it. Our worry is, he is already 28 years old and if he can’t complete CA, his career may be at stake which, we do not want to happen. And his mental stability is highly fluctuating. Sometimes he sounds stable and sometime weak and wreaked. We thought Job may be a relief for him and best in this situation, at least less difficult than CA Final. He left the decision to us. We are completely clue less on what to do. I love my brother very much and don’t want to get his career spoiled.


The question in front of us is: should we encourage him to go for long-term coaching or should we find job for him.


Any guidance or suggestion is really appreciated.



Thanks in advance,