CA Vs MBA from top B school?

Ashok J (CA Final) (878 Points)

09 December 2016  

Hi All !!
I'm a ca final student. I'm currently employed in ca firm. I have always dreamt of reaching new heights in our profession in the corporate world. I know knowledge and skills are the only means of survival and there is no end for learning and attempts don't matter at all in the long run.

I hate doing excel and tax compliance job which has minimal brain application and value addition.  My research says people of  majority of the small and mid size ca firms have
1) Poor communication skill
2) Poor knowledge - general & subject
3) Outdated technical skills
4) No creativity
5) Only accounting ability and no managerial ability.

We do not want to waste our life doing the above. We also want to kickstart the growth engine of our career.

There are plethora of opportunities in the industry which are mainly grabbed by mba grads from  IIM/other top Bschools. Their knowledge, attitude, confidence, skills and pay always make ca's uncomfortable and unfortunately we don't even know that we are restricting ourselves to majorly monotonous work. Actually whats cooking at IIMs. What is their speciality?? Answes i found was Knowledge and Communication skills.

I hereby request you to kindly provide me some info on this issue and also emerging areas/trends in the industry like Data analytics, cloud computing, fintech startups etc; how and where we need to improve our  knowledge and skills and what does it take to be the finance head of MNC's. Most of the  people don't respond and those who respond are not giving convincing answers.

Thanks !!