Ca final study strategy - group 1 and 2

CA Ashish Dhupar (Senior Manager Kotak Mahindra Bank)   (773 Points)

31 January 2013  

Hi Friends,

Hope you all are doing great.....


Congrats to all of them who are now QUALIFIED CA and also to those who have cleared either of the groups.... !!


I cleared my CA Final in two attempts, anyways no. of attempts is not that relevant, what is relevant is how one should go about with studies and plan it, with so many books and authors..... !!


Friends, I am just an average student.... Hats off those people who score rank.... its a great great achievement..... !!


In CA, Hard work is a necessity but SMART WORK is a creativity..... !!


Here I would like to share the study pattern which I followed..... !!

THE BASE BOOK was always INSTITUTE'S PRACTICE MANUAL (and to an extent Module)

Group: 1


1.Solve all the sums from Module


2.Solve all the sums Practice Manual..... complete the chapter from the both the books, I would advise you take time to solve the sums, use pencils, markers wherever you get stuck.... right a note for it.... It would be very very easy for you to revise....


3.D.S Rawat Accounting Standards 


4.Doing these itself will make you confident of cracking the paper comfortably.




1. Since I am PGDBM, I found this subject most interesting. 


2. Here I what I did was, that I made an Index on the first page of Practice Manual stating the no. of theory and practical question seperately. This gave me a clear idea from Institute's perspective that which chapter was important for what. Also it gave me the much needed confidence, as I could get a clear view of no. of questions to be solved. 


3. If I am not wrong, there were some 240 odd pratical question and 106 theory questions in my practice manual, which meant that its not difficult to complete and solve all the questions from the practice manual twice or may be thrice before the exams. Since an average time for the first time solver would take 4-5 mins a sum, which would be around 30-32 hours for a complete practice manual. 


4. The best for SFM, is that the more you SOLVE the more INTERESTING it would become, hence do not get bored by this subject. This can be of great help as generally institute sets a dificult Accounts paper and hence the second paper becomes very important.


5. Refer Prof. Sridhar's book if you have the time and want to solve more questions. One can also study the topics in detail from it






1. Only prepare from Practice Manual.... Most of the question would be with respect to some or the other Standards on Auditing, mark them at the start of the question, list down the Question No. / Page No. and the Standard..... Once you are done with this, you would have a list of all the questions and the standards mentioned in it. This would help you to cover almost every kind of practical problem in audit.


2. If you get time, try to search on CCI, if there are any practical questions on Standards on Auditing and Code of Ethics (the ones provided in practice manual will make you understand most of them)




1. I find this paper immensely scoring, because here too I studied only from Practice Manual and the scores of the two attempts were 54 and 65 respectively. (not great but descent)


2. I analyzed this subject a lot. What I did was, during the first reading, when I read, I marked all those questions which were repeated, (you would be shocked that atleast 40 to 45% questions were repeated), this motivated me since the no. of pages reduced and also the time to complete a chapter.


3. I had the practice manual of November 2011 edition and from what I remember, the book had 495 pages in it. It looks more but when you start and skip all repeated answers, it does reduce a lot of pages.


4 Also, most of the students spend a lot of time for chapter "DIRECTORS" and its right as it comes for the maximum marks. So here too I made my own very short notes (to the point notes) and pasted them on the first page of every chapter in practice manual. So at the time of revision, I first used to read those notes (hardly 2-4 pages) and then used to answer the questions at my own.


5. For Allied laws, too specially for FEMA, SEBI and Competition Act, I did the same thing and I could happily and comfortably finish law with 2-3 revisions without getting bored.


Friends, this is just a suggestion from my side.


I know few of you would be thinking this is not my way or may be this is not the right way to study..... I completely agree with you as I also did the same when I came across no. of strategies for CA FINAL....and everyone has their own strategies of first LOOKING for SUCCESS and then MAKING IT POSSIBLE !! yes


With all due respect to your hard work and dedication, I am sure you all too would have scheduled your studies accordingly.


As a friend or also since we all belong to the same profession, I thought may be I could share my strategy.


This strategy is a bit risky, but somewhere gives you the confidence that YOU HAVE SOLVED A COMPLETE BOOK PROVIDED BY THE INSTITUTE.... That really GEARS YOU UP !!


I may not have scored exceptionally great marks in the exam, but to an extent we all know that sometimes the

GOLDEN NO. "200" is itself difficult to achieve (with +40 marks in each subject)



Thanks and All the very best !! yes