Ca final or general manager?

llllVICTORllll (Internal Auditor) (511 Points)

22 November 2011  


I am in a dialemma, i Hope you friends can give your opinion on the same


I am a CA final Student, thinking of attempting this may attempt, and from last 9 months, i am working as General Manager in a medium size company earning around 25K.


Now, With a very tight schedule from last 9 months i am not able to concentrate on my studies, and i am getting totally alienated from my subject nor am i able to concentrate on Final books for long

I am thinking of Quitting my Job and completly concentrate on my studies for next 5 months


How many of you agree with my thought? SHould i quit or is there anyother way that i should try out

I have tried getting up at 3 in the morning and studying, but you know being lazy and all it didnt go for more than 3 weeks


What do you people think? Quit and be unemployed student or be a Semi student General Manager?