Being gracious

CA. Shikha (Chartered Accountant) (4143 Points)

24 September 2009  


If you start judging the world with some perfect standards, you will disappoint yourself because the world will fail miserably on your tests. When someone tells you that you did a good job, appreciate the comment and say thank you. Do not start to ramble on how you failed to reach your goals and how unsatisfied you are with this current report.
When someone appreciates your performance or praises your attire, do not put yourself down. That is not being humble. Putting yourself down in turn sets you up as a superior person. It sounds like you are fishing for compliments. Even if you are not, the other person feels that you are putting him down because you are not appreciating his comments or thanking him for his kind gesture. You also come across as a person who is never satisfied in life. You are belittling the other person’s opinion.
Just be a gracious person in accepting thanks and appreciations. Be gracious in accepting your debt to others. Be gracious to people who helped you on your way. Be gracious to favors that others have shown. Be gracious when someone is remembering you. Be gracious in forgiving some oversights. After all it is only from your mistakes that you learn more than from your successes.
When you are gracious, others in your immediate environment also become gracious. All it takes is one person being gracious so as to make a difficult situation becoming easy and moving on smoothly.