B.com (Hons.) 3rd year Essay Writing paper.

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16 June 2011  

B.Com. (Hons.) 3rd year


Essay Paper: One Hour   (25 Marks...)________________________________________________________________

{This option is available only to students of School of Open Learning (SOL). Further, the
students of SOL cannot opt for any other option from A to C}
Students shall appear for Paper CH 6.3 (b) as an annual examination paper along with other
papers of Semester VI to be evaluated externally by the University.
The student shall have a choice of writing and Essay on one out of five topics. The
minimum length of the essay shall be of 1000 words. The topics shall be on any current
issue, related to the curriculum in the following areas:
1. Recent developments in Indian Economy;
2. Financial Markets and Institutions;
3. Markets and Globalization;
4. Human Resources; and
5. Current economic and business news.
1. Choice of the option amongst A to E has to be decided by the second week of
January of Semester IV.
2. Allocation of topic or change of topic will be done by the mentor to whom a
particular student has been allocated. This process has to be completed by second
week of January of Semester VI.
3. The work project shall be submitted by 15th March, of VI semester.
4. The mentor and the teacher in charge shall be jointly responsible for organizing the
5. The student should submit two copies of the report typed on one side along with a
soft copy of the report to the mentor concerned.
6. Students must pass separately in Paper CH 6.3(a) and Paper CH 6.3 (b).
7. One tutorial per week is assigned for each mentor to discuss with the group of
students assigned to him/her

DU Sol

For example: Download Overview on indian economy, Current economic news (File Attached)