Amar Kumar (CA Final , Intern ) (1095 Points)

06 October 2010  

I received a PM asking for the application form and prospectus of this particular course.

I'm sharing it here so that anyone who wants information on this topic could benefit.

Frequently Asked Questions :


1.Who are eligible to join this special programme to be announced by the IGNOU?


Ans. Candidates who fulfill the following three conditions are eligible for admission to this programme:

1. 10+2 or its equivalence

2. Common Proficiency Test (CPT) certificate from ICAI

3. Registration in Professional Competence Course (First Stage of Chartered Accountancy) of ICAI

Application form shall contain relevant registration details of the student with the ICAI.


2. Is this course available to a person who is not studying first stage of chartered accountancy?

Ans. No. A student who is studying Professional Competence Course / Professional Education (Course –II)

or who has passed Professional Competence Examination / or Professional Education (Examination –II)

/ Intermediate Examination conducted by the ICAI can join this course.


3. What will happen if a student cannot pass first stage of chartered accountancy course and / or


fails to complete 3 years of articleship training ? Will he/ she lose the credit of subject passed under

the special B.Com. course ?

Ans. On application, the IGNOU will admit such a student to its regular B.Com course. He / she will get full

benefit of the subjects already passed as these subjects also form part of the regular B.Com course which

comprises of 96 credit courses.

4. Will the student stated in Question 3 get any benefit for passing Group - I / Group –II of the

first stage of chartered accountancy course and passing computer training / information technology

training programme ?

Ans. The MOU does not cover these aspects. The co-ordination committee of the ICAI – IGNOU may take

decision on these issues at a later stage.


Download the attachment for a complete Frequently asked questions.