Auditing standards - Query???

Resham (Carpe Diem !!!) (6535 Points)

02 January 2011  

Good evening all my dear friends and respected elders...

I bought this book by Mr. D.S. Rawat for auditing standards and have started studying it... I have some queries regarding it...


-- Is it enough to read only this book or should it be clubbed with ICAI material?


-- I came by suggestions of some of my friends that it is better to complete auditing basic material first and if time permits, go for auditing standards, as not much is not asked from auditing standards.   Comment.


-- This question is to those who are familiar with this book. I have heard from many (even on caclubindia) that it is a good book. The question is " How to make maximum/optimum use of this book"  Explain.


Please help!