Attitude v. Comfort zone

CA. Shikha (Chartered Accountant) (4143 Points)

12 September 2009  

Since the great majority of us already know what attitude is, let's talk about comfort zone:

Comfort zone is the mental place surrounded by borders in our mind where we feel secure. Even though this comfort area and its boundaries are just a state of mind that has nothing to do with reality, it plays a huge roll in the progress of our development. Since the comfort zone is limited, there is not much benefit for you inside your comfort zone, but what you already are and have. Nothing new will happen until you open yourself and leave your comfort zone.

As long as you still are having the same beliefs, you cannot grow and you cannot expect new things in your life. When you change your beliefs you will change your thoughts, feelings and actions and then, and only then you can expand and grow in all aspects of your life.

Even though your background may be affecting your present situation, what really matters is not where you were born, your skin color, race, age, gender, religion, government, or even the poor environment in which you have been living for so many years, but what really matters and makes a big difference in your life is your attitude, to understand your comfort zone, how you limit yourself within it, who you are, why you behave the way you do it, and mainly where you are going.

Sadly many people don't go anywhere because they stay within their comfort zone. They accept defeat after defeat before even trying or knowing how capable or valuable they really are. These circumstances are not the cause of our actual situation but the conformism and the poverty of our thoughts and therefore the weakness of our broken spirit. Leave your past behind; constantly transcend your comfort zone! Your past within this comfort zone is nothing but a wasted load that you don't need to carry, at all.

Take constant action as many times as it is required and never, never quit. As Napoleon Hill said, "a quitter never wins and a winner never quits. Defeat is never a failure; no circumstance ever is failure until it is accepted by the individual as a failure". Whatever you are thinking, you are feeling, and therefore what you feel is the way you are acting, and this action is what will determine how far you will go and how your future will be. Cheer up your essence; don't let the background of your comfort zone, or any other external circumstance defeat your spirit.

Nothing is impossible for an optimist attitude; everything is possible when we start blindly trusting ourselves, when we have a burning desire to succeed and a blind determination to make our dreams come true; everything is possible when we don't take a no for an answer.

Don't be afraid of change, life itself is change, change is growth, and regardless of how painful it may be, change is needed. Change will take you to a place full of new things, blessings and satisfaction, everything is for better. Just focus and only live your present with passion, focus on the things you want and what make you happy. Just believe in yourself, be open minded, open to change, be simple, flexible and take action.