Attitude matters a lot !

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22 June 2012  

Its really long time, since I have not shared any story... So here it's ... one of my fav ... which I can't get out of my head .....

Hope u enjoy smiley..............


There were 2 kids and their father was a drunkard. Her wife was dead. He neither care about himself nor about his children. he didn't care about whether his children have food  or not. He used to beat children. And was totally lost in his world.  When both boys were of 18 years old , their father died because of high alcohol. Both the boys have no support, not any money and were not even highly educated.

Soon after the death of their father, boys separated and decided to live their life on their own.

After another 20 years….

1st boy who was elder to other one, stepped into his father’s shoes. He also become a drunkard. He also used to quarrel with the people around him. He had no one to care. He had no wife and no children. He was of 40, but still looked like 60 years old man. He was completely

When asked why he is like this ….?

He said what and where could I be , when my father, himself was a drunkard. I’m this because of my father.


On the other hand, the other twin brother, he was a handsome man. He worked into a big company. He had a beautiful wife. He had a  young boy. He was caring father and loving husband. Colleagues around him love him and always praise him and always say , he is a man of honour.enlightened


When asked why is like this …. ?


He also said the same words. He also said what and where could I be , when my father was a drunkard. I’m this because of my father. I know what mistakes my father did. And now, I don’t wanna repeat them. Now I want to give my boy what I wished from my father. So, After the death of my father , I worked as a  sweeper and then I constantly strive for improving myself. Soon after my hard work paid me, I got a  very beautiful and supporting wife. And with her help, I stood against all odds without any hesitation. Within years, my life changed completely.


Sometimes, it doesn’t matter what we got . It’s what we learn from our circumstances.And it’s our attitude which defines the way to react to upon the circumstances.