Articleship - PE 2

Kashyap Joshi (Proprietor ) (260 Points)

11 February 2010  

Dear all, I m a PE 2 student. Most of PE 2 students have been doing jobs since graduation and at the same time appearing for PE 2 also. Its been job for almost 2-3 years for most of us. But our articleship wont start until we clear  PE 2. 

Now, I'm going to send a mail to the President of ICAI "president @" and Secretary "secretary @" to consider our grievance and also provide relief for the job done as articleship and at the same time allow all the PE 2 students to start articleship. This will reduce our number of years to a great extent because its high time that we start  with articleship and secure our future and carrer. We cant take transfer in the new course since we are stuck for just one group from quite some time.

Its my request to all members of CaClubIndia to join me for this campaign.

You can also send mails for the same. But kindly post the text of the mail sent in this forum .


Thanks and Regards,

Kashyap Joshi.