Article ship Transfer

jayesh nakrani (C.A FINAL) (33 Points)

03 December 2010  


I am pursuing my articleship in Pune since 4th Aug 2008.

My permanent place of residence is Goa and I have come to Pune for my Higher Education in 2007.

From the past few months there are various issues and personal problems in my family for which I am required to visit home from time to time and my parents wants me stay with them in Goa for the aforesaid reason. Being the eldest son of family, my marriage is also consideration and my parents are looking for a suitable girl for me.

On account of above reasons I am required to take leave and visit home frequently. This being creating a hurdle on effective execution of my articleship with my current principal. Moreover frequent leaves are also a problem for both me and my principal. I have discussed the issue with my principle and he is ready to terminate my articleship with him. 

But under the present Institutes regulations, it is not possible for me to take transfer as my case does not falls within the grounds specified by Institute.I had submitted a formal application along with consent letter from my employer but has been rejected by Institute. As a result I am facing dilemma on completing my C.A study. I will be obliged to you for any help or directions in the matter.