An average student can be ca....?????

kamal kishor sen (STUDENT Rajasthan) (2156 Points)

11 December 2011  


An average student can be CA
No beating about the bush & getting straight to the point. You may have read a lot of articles on this  
BUT I’ll Give U concrete Reasons For This. From two different dimensions i.e. I’ll  
give u the scientific reason & a Genuine reason.  
The scientific reason  :-
We All Are Born With Same Amount Of Intelligence -- We all are born having approx. 100 billion  
brain cells called neurons. Not more, not less. This means all of us are born with the same  
potential for intelligence. If our achievement levels have been different; we have only ourselves  
to blame.  
We can improve our intelligence--  Since all of us are born with approx. the same no. of neurons  
,it is not the no. of neurons that seggregates the less intelligent from the more intelligent  
human being.  
                Now the good news—“We Can Achieve The Level Of Intelligence We Like”...............  
We can increase  our intelligence by creating new connections b/w our neurons leading to  
formation of dendrites. How to do this!!!…….. Just push ourself to learn new things. We need  
to step out of our comfort  zone i.e. if accountancy is tough for us, try to learn the accounting  
techniques, various principles of accountancy..try to master it....just challenge our brain to  
work hard to a level which we  think as impossible. Our brain just like our body needs  
constant exercising. But plz don’t overstress ourself at once, try to do this by & by. Slowly  
slowly we can become more intelligent & ultimately Mr.C.A.  
  The Genuine reason  :-
Me…myself-  A Story Of Falling & Rising--  I m an average student from the very begginning of  
my academic life. No wonder I’ve never been in the toppers of my class.  I passed my  
sen. secondary with 62% marks as a commerce student. Then, I did my graduation & secured just
46%  marks. Now I want  to achieve the CA tag which I had always heard is given to few percentage
of  students every half year. Dealing with numerous difficulties side-by-side (financial, mental, health-
 related, cultural), I prepared for my cpt  & passed in jan. 2009 result  by preparing only three subjects
i.e. accounts, law, and economic b/c i m week in maths instead of that i got 120 marks.   
                                                   Next was the core stage…The IPCC.  I  was unable to get coaching from the so called good teachers so I resorted to teachers with low  fees. Low fees forced me to use high Labour.
i planned to give my 1st group in Nov. 2009. Due to  my focus on practicle subjects & lack of proper guidance, I failed to prepare law, ethics & comm.  & skipped the attempt. (Warning—Never commit such mistake. Give each subject  a  proportionate time & never ever skip any attempt).  
                                                 Now, I  started studying hard but calmly. i  decided to go for both groups in nov. 2010 . But after a fortnight I realized that to complete the    2 nd                     1st whole 2       group plus law in 1        group is not possible especially when I had My ITT & Orientation  Training which consumed about 1.5 months. This started breaking me down. Now & then, my  strategy was failing.
I had 1 big ques. in mind….What to do???  
With none to consult & share, I  decided to go just for 1st group plus prepare audit in group 2nd.  
                                                  Finally, I gave my 1st group in nov. 2010 & passed.. Then I prepared Accounts , audit   & ITSM by  myself,  I wrote my 2nd attempt in Nov. 2011 & now waiting for results.. 
                                                   This, may not seem to be a very good percentage but it is better  than writing both groups together & getting nowhere. If we think that one group is fine for us  than go for regret. Now, I suggest all my friends -“ Never loose your Attitude to be a CA”  & I promise one day WE  will be a QUALIFIED CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT.  
Thanks    smiley