adjusted GTI u/s 80 G.

CMA RAVI GUPTA (MT in VPL) (493 Points)

22 November 2009  

these questions are only for experts who possesses deep knowledge about IT. thanks in advance..............

Q 1. While computing adjusted GTI which type of income is required to be deducted from gross total income.


Q2.can unabsorbed depreciation be set off against under the head salary?


Q3.  can unabsorbed capital expenditure be set off against under the any  head in next year ?and order of set off pls tell me?


Q4.What type of rebate are granted u/s 86,89,901,90A,91?


Q5. difference between application of income and diversion of income?


Q6. Meaning of closely held co. u/s 2(22)(e)?


Q7. why we deduct dividend u/s 2(22)(e) for calculating capital gain in the hands of shareholder on liquidation of company u/s 46(2)?


Q8. When the keyman insurance  policy is teken who pays the premium of policy and who receives the maturity amount of policy before the death And after the death of insured person?