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Welcome to MY Profile

Well,i m a simple guy, liking simple things

in life nd beleive in leading it in a simple manner

with simple thinking nd by doing simple acts

tht make life of ppl around me simple.




I beleive in being good to those who are good to me

and showing the Harsh side to those who are not i.e.





I've chosen the prestigious and ever tiring career

of Chartered Accountancy to earn some good money in future.

My frnds say i have a good sense of humour and i agree with them.

I have got really strong financial judgement and knowledge all thanks to my marwadi genes.



I just love reading News papers to stay updated with the world affairs.


My hindi is pretty good of which i m really proud as many of my

fellow generation mates do not have it as good.

if you wish to know more about me ,than mail me at hs78 @ ymail.com


for more be my frnd and explore



Join me on Twitter at  www.twitter.com/suwalka

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Thanks for visiting my profile........come again


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