Accounting problem real use of mind

hemant (job) (468 Points)

08 June 2012  

Dear friends, please guide me in the following its really urgent:

The case is as under;

Say there is a registered trust having 80G certificate, now this trust want to purchase assets but as there is many problems in after words selling that property, so decided to create company for buying assets but the problem is that fund given by donor is to trust for buying property now how trust can enter in this transaction of buying property.

So, main point is as under

fund given by donor is to trust for buying property.

Now that property purchase agreement is done by company with builder.

now my question is i want to rotate fund from trust to company for buying that property.

so guide me whether this is possible  and if yes then how and if not than suggest me in the matter.

complete accounting entries. etc please any further details required than please let me know