A story with a moral: going through life..

CA. Tanvi Joshi (Chartered Accountant) (2729 Points)

01 August 2013  

A very tired traveller came to the banks of a river. There was no bridge by which he could cross. It was winter, and the surface of the river was covered with ice. It was getting dark, and he wanted to reach the other side while there was enough light to see.  He debated about whether or not the ice would bear his weight.Finally, after much hesitation and fear, he got down on his knees and began very cautiously to creep across the surface of the ice. He hoped that by disturbing the weight of his body, the ice would be less apt to break under the load. After he made his slow and painful journey about halfway across the river, he suddenly heard the sound of singing behind him. Out of the dusk, there came a 4-horse load of coal driven by a man singing merrily as he went to his carefree way.

Here was the traveller, fearfully inching his way on his hands and knees. And there, as if whisked along by the winter’s wind, went the driver, his horses, his sled, and the heavy load of coal over the same river!

Moral: The story illustrates how many of us go through life. Some stand on the bank of decisions unable to make up their minds about the course to take.  Others stand on the banks trying to muster enough courage to cross over to the other side of the task or problem encountered.On the other hand, some individuals crawl and creep through life for fear of thin ice.Their faith is not strong enough to hold them up. Still there are those who whisked along whistling as they go. Their faith is UNSHAKABLE.