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I have cleared my CA in Nov'09, & Currently working in a PSU. I am here to share with you all, the spiritual stories and articles, which are helping me to be a better person, in a hope that they may also help someone else also.

Click on Following Links to view Stories &  Articles which has inspired my life:

Story and reflection: a miser's death

Steps to surya namaskar & its benefits !

Awesome story...must read: the hard knocks ..

Choose your words well.. a story with a moral.

A story with a moral: building a mansion for the here-after.

A story with a moral…. the shipwreck.

A story with a moral… every problem has a solution!!

 A story with a moral… going with the current...

A story with a moral: going through life..

A story with a moral…people will never forget...

A story with a moral: a pound of butter

Inspirational poem: god’s way…

A story with a moral…why do we….

Some thoughts from ratan tata

Story: learn to forgive

10 world's most extraordinary people

Inspirational flames...

Tips for staying young.....

The art of giving........

A to z of stress management......


Story time....the road to happiness......

Happy birthday, dalai lama...

To be beautiful: beautiful poem..

Wonderful presentation: beautiful images of life !

Moral story: true leader...must read....

Patricia narayan: amazing & heart toching story of success

Nice cartoons with amazing thoughts!

A healthy plan for everyday...

Story: each person shines his own way...

What did you miss ? try not to miss it...

I may never see tomorrow…

Story: learn and earn...

Attitude and emotions -powerful lesson

What is a challenge?

Live it up friend...

Hurting the ego....

Be thankful…

Use positive alternatives...

What we see, we will be...

Believe in yourself..

Inspirational poem: don't quit!

 Thing to remember in life: a letter of wisdom from father

Beautiful poem: smile please :-)

Story: being happy, depends on you!

One day at a time

To be successful, know your worth

Story: student counting apples

Inpirational quote: the secret

You are unique!

Amazing dance...must watch....


 Story: The Secret of Success


Short self confidence lesson




Story:why dogs live less than human!


This picture says thousand words ....


Story: do you build bridge or fence?


Story: two castle builders


Story: the mouse trap


"How to make happy"


"Help others and yourself too"


"Narayanan krishnan:once a rising star, chef now feeds hungry"


"Burglary !"


"What successful women do right!"


"Interruptions in daily life should not impact our happiness"


Poorest & Purest CM of India


Remember, this too shall pass..


You need to overcome fear


Home remedy for peace


Drink the poison of ego and selfishness


Make the world a kinder place...


Gud mrng...dream more....


Should you kill your relatives....on facebook?


Waiting for a better tomorrow


The way we perceive life


Managing your relationships


Burn anger before anger burns you


The householder and evolution


Perfect being, imperfect mirror


Transform mistakes into blessings


Love actually...


When mytime comes.....


The 18th camel


Story: anger, envy & insults


Anyone can be god


Life, a mirror image of oneself......


7 ways to be happy


Moral story : c.e.o.


Superb statements


Did i marry the right person?



Inspirational stories 2:the true purpose of relationships


Inspirational stories-1: stop the madness of self discipline



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