A day before ca results


15 July 2013  


Just a day to go and the most awaited moment will come to an end… cheeky


Yes… I know its not at all easy to get yourself ready for this , it needs a lot of strength and courage




Patience …


You all might have heard this word during your study life for more than the number of your birthday wishes every year.... yes you can check it ;)


Fighting for spirit, worries, stress, time management, office deadlines, and pressure of preparation, leave problems, fear of extension, family pressure, health problems, hurdles during exams and all such stuff is at one end.


And RESULT itself is at another end. If it is good then no matters even if you are enable or incomplete to handle all such things, you have over ruled everything.



What if RESULTS ARE NEGATIVE, then again stress, worries, fear, etc… and this cycle keeps on repeating.


It was my third attempt for FINALS and still my papers were average and somehow I was unable to do the best while writing exams to score 60+ marks…



Still I feel relaxed, cool, and happy and stress free and a continuous thought process to getting something as a part of success from tomorrows result


Not because I am not at all worried for the degree but because I know it is not a game of DO OR DIE


Not because I am ignoring the firing from my parents, taunting and questions from society, friends, colleagues,  relatives and all but because I know the day when I will become a CA, all of them are going to salute me, congratulate me for my success and YES WHY NOT


Not because I am careless for the profession , a positive result but because I know that ICAI has set the right time for me, for all of us to have two the most respectful alphabets before our name, to accept the responsibility and perform for the same to the best for a dignified platform.


Getting failed in CA EXAMS doesn’t simply means that it’s no more your cup of tea but it means that we need 6 more months to keep our self ready for such a profession, to deserve the right position at a right time.


So just be calm, feel relaxed, and throw out all worries and negative thoughts from your mind.

Whatever we have written, we are definitely going to get marks for that.




Visualize that you are entering your roll number and all…

And yes you clicked the submit button


Ohh yes …


You cleared both/ 1st/ 2nd group(s) cool


You and your parents are happy a lotsmiley


Phone calls are coming and everyone is congratulating you for your success devil


And definitely you will have a “CHAIN KI NEEND”




Kuch nai to at least this will bring a smile on your face and I know that.smiley


Its all our attitude that makes a difference , our positivity that pushes us to work upon it, our desire, our way of looking the half filled glass of water


Be positive always


From the bottom of my heart heartI wish ALL THE BEST to all aspirants waiting for resultsyesyes




If you don't dream big what's the use in dreaming

If you don't have faith there's nothing worth believing

It takes one hope to make the stars worth reaching for

So reach out for something more


Ohh yeah…………