A continuous failure story.

Sasanka Bhalaki (Student) (1935 Points)

26 August 2012  


Hai Guys first of all i will introduce myself this is Sasanka Bhalaki a poor and below average guy. Who studies hard but fails in presenting it and ultimately fails continuously without any pinch of feeling.. so coming to the Career of my CA . Actually i cleared my +2 with a percentage of 90.6, which gave me a confidence of clering the CPT in first attempt. later joined articles..till then it was fine..started studying for the pcc june 2009 which is my first attempt and seriously flopped. Anyways being a CA family everyone encouraged me that u will surely clear next time so took confidently only one group and attempted it with full power 145 is the total. then finally decided not to take single group and wanted to prepare for the two groups. There comes a big twist in my story a diversions got me very hardly and dumped me in two attempts. i felt wrong on myself and took a crash course in CA chapter and studies from starting again fail i theory papers. 

My father asked me one fine day that are u seriously intrested in doing CA. I regretted that question becoz till then my dad was supporting me during my failures' then i realised my mistake and came to hyderabad and took the subjects which i am lacking and studied hard for it. Again in my life success doesn't come easily then i affected with typhoid coouldn't study in the last momment sick during the exams..and some hunama made by me in examination hall like fainting, vomiting etc.. so but the thing is i didn't failed in any subject  and even didn't cross the mark 50 in any subject. so again treated as failure.

So right from the childhood myy dad never scolded me.. For the first time to my fate it happened in the recent results and he decided that i am the only guy who is failing and simply admitting it without any shame on my part. Wah such an great expression from my dad crying indeed i seriously cried cried cried and crying all the time. thought to quit life. but i know i am not having that dare too. in meanwhile there is a big twist that apart from from CA i Gave CWA inter first attempt past june which result recently came and gave me a permanant symbol that u r a failure. This made my parents more angry. (actually that is common reaction) finally this time i got to prove two things in my life 

1. To Clear this PCC last attempt in Nov 2012. and CWA inter in Dec 2012.

2. To Show that i am a successful man in this world.

IF i had not fulfilled that i am nowhere worth in this world. no use to this world.

At last u might be getting doubt that why i am telling all this??? because i just wanted to share my aguish i don't know what would happen to me in future. But i seriously expect to happen good to me in future. and i need all ur wishes an d prayers.


Sasanka Bhalaki.