4 in 1 english vocabulary

Sourav Banerjee MA,MSW (Shabda Bramha) (8842 Points)

20 August 2011  

Continued from yesterday's article.

A very famous Bengali writer once wrote :

We could address our Father as the “ husband of my mother” but we chose the first expression to lessen our efforts. Hence the need for learning one word substitutions.:)



·       SPRIGHTLY Hazare set for marathon.” – The Telegraph 20.08.2011



LDOCE ( Longman Dictionary of  Contemporary) defines the term as “an old person who is sprightly is still active and full of energy - used to show approval”.

But the word may be used to describe the same qualities of person(s) of any age.

·        She is a sprightly young woman.

SET FOR = READY [ I’ll write on ‘Phrasal verbs’ soon ]


·       YANKed out from my comfort zone, I was posted to mind the THRONGs.”

-         “ When Khaki Met Khadi” – Times of India ( Editorial). 20.08.2011

YANK  (V): to suddenly pull something quickly and with force – LDOCE

§  Suresh yanked the door open.                          

THRONG: A large group of people in one place.(Noun)

                                §   I saw a throng of excited protestors there.

                    If people throng a place, they go there in large numbers.(V)

§  Tourists thronged the bars and restaurants.

Be thronged with somebody/something if a place is thronged with people or things, there are a lot of them there:

§  The streets were thronged with protestors against corruption.



·    CHURN UP : (British English) To make someone upset or angry:

§  Though she looked calm, in reality she was churned up inside.

To be continued...