30 excel functions in 30 days - cell function

CA CS CIMA Prakash Somani (Landmark Group) (23487 Points)

10 October 2012  


Cell Function        
In Excel, the CELL function can be used to retrieve information about a cell. This can include contents, formatting, size, etc.
The syntax for the CELL function is:      
CELL( type, [range] )      
type is the type of information that you'd like to retrieve for the cell. type can be one of the following values:  
Value Explanation      
"address" Address of the cell. If the cell refers to a range, it is the first cell in the range.      
"col" Column number of the cell.      
"color" Returns 1 if the color is a negative value; Otherwise it returns 0.      
"contents" Contents of the upper-left cell.      
"filename" Filename of the file that contains reference.      
"format" Number format of the cell. See example formats below.      
"parentheses" Returns 1 if the cell is formatted with parentheses; Otherwise, it returns 0.      
"prefix" Label prefix for the cell.      
* Returns a single quote (') if the cell is left-aligned.      
* Returns a double quote (") if the cell is right-aligned.      
* Returns a caret (^) if the cell is center-aligned.      
* Returns a back slash (\) if the cell is fill-aligned.      
* Returns an empty text value for all others.      
"protect" Returns 1 if the cell is locked.  Returns 0 if the cell is not locked.      
"row" Row number of the cell.      
"type" Returns "b" if the cell is empty.      
Returns "l" if the cell contains a text constant.      
Returns "v" for all others.      
"widtth" Column widtth of the cell, rounded to the nearest integer.      
Commonly used types are in yellow      
I generally use below function to get to know at which location this file is saved and get the full syntex of the same  
D:\Personal\PRAKASH\CACLUB\[30FN30D - CELL Function.xlsx]TRIM      
You can copy this syntex.