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About me

    What kinds of questions I can and can't answer?
    I can answers the queries to Sales Tax, Central Excise, Service Tax, Income Tax and Goods and Service Tax and Also answering Career and Accounts related questions for my knowledge based.

    My area of expertise
    I'm Experienced in Accounts, Audit and also Experience to Direct and Indirect Taxation

    My experience in the area (years):
    My experience in Accounts field around 15 Years, Sales Tax and Service Tax field around 11 Years, Central Excise field around 4 Years and Income Tax and TDS field 6 years of Experience...

    Organizations I belong to:
    Audit Asst in Ramasamy & Ramkumar Chartered Accountants, Audit Asst in Durai and Co Chartered Accountants, Proprietor of My Own "P M Raja and Co - Auditors and Tax Consultants

    Publications or writing which has appeared :
    No Publications written myself

    Educational credentials:
    HSC - Maths Group B.A and M.A B.Com (Correspondence)

    Award & Honors:
    I'm not get Awards the field. But, Award winning in Cricket Field....

  • Pawan Kumar Naidu says : Irregular availment of Input Tax Credit
    Sir, I have closed my firm already, is there any way to bring down interest amount.

  • ntc pioneer says : It
    Dear Sir How much is the tax relief in the case of the following scenario ? Fy 23-24 Gross income-10 lakhs Deductions-pf 1 lakh and housing loan 1.5 lakhs and standard deduction 50000 Gross total of arrears of fy 22-23 received in fy 23-24-4 lakhs Deduction of pf from arrears-1 lakh Fy 22-23 Gross income-7 lakhs Deductions-50000 pf and 50000 standard deduction Old regime is opted in both the years

  • Sayantan Chakraborty says : RCM TAXABLE AMOUNT
    Sir, How i declare the exact Taxable amount in table No. 3.1(d) For Example: We have 2 invoices 1 is freight @ 6% another is rent @9% how I declare the exact tavable amount in those bill where as no space to bifurcate

  • ntc pioneer says : Agricultural income tax applicability
    What are the tax implications in the following cases? 1) agriculture income 4000 p.a and non agriculture income 100000 p.a 2) agriculture income 6000 p.a and non agriculture income 100000 p a Should ITR be filed in the second scenario ?

  • Praveena G.R says : GSTR-1 HSN Summary
    Dear sir, Have filed by mistake wrong HSN summary in GSTR1 what impact it can have and can we rectify.

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