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About me


* Only a Life Lived For Others Is A Life Worthwhile *


Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people...!!!!!!!!



I accept that I can't help everybody, I can't please everyone either.

I'm not perfect; but I know one thing for sure!

I'm a work in progress, a student in class and a man that is willing to learn from his mistakes.

So that I can have a better understanding in life.


Best Wishes Everyone..!!!!!!!! :)

    What kinds of questions I can and can't answer?
    I Can answer company law,career and student, along with question related to indirec taxes

    My area of expertise
    Company law and accounts

    My experience in the area (years):

    Organizations I belong to:

    Publications or writing which has appeared :
    no one

    Educational credentials:
    ca and cs

    Award & Honors:
    was an top expert here before few months and got most thanked member award from CCI

  • Suresh Golla says : Income Tax
    Dear Sir I am retired employee and my wife is housewife, I get pension on monthly basis. Last year we have sold our old house and brought a new flat. Now when I see 26AS, the same amount of sale and purchase is mentioned in both of our 26AS (me and wife), where as the transaction was done only once. Please advise if both of us have to file separate returns for same transaction. Thanks

  • Member (Account Deleted) says : Bank Guarantee Available for Discounting
    Dear Sir I have a Bank Guarantee of 10 CR INR issuer Bank : State Bank of India and looking for discounting . Please advise if I can avail your services in relevance Warm Regards Ravvinder Whatsapp : + 91 8500886060

  • HARI PRASAD says : service tax int calculation
    Our's is company. TO is more than 60 lacs. may i please know the interest calculation for the Month of April -2014 and Nov'2014 for the amount of 84136 and 122484 respectively? Deposited date: 10/11/2016. Read more at: http://www.caclubindia.com/experts/experts_profile.asp?member_id=1135911

  • Priyanka says : CA final second Group or both?
    hello sir, as you know only 2 months left for exams, i need some guidance. My status is - in first group i have done only FR and 30% SFM and second group i have completed 3 months back, but i need to revise it again. So sir according to u , i should give only 2nd group or both?

  • anmol says : ca final eligibility for may 2017
    1st principal: start date : 28/02/2014 termination date: 04/12/2014 actual days served: 90 days leave taken: 180 days 2nd principal: start date : 26/12/2014 termination date: 08/02/2015 actual days served : 45 days leave taken : 10 days present principal: start date : 12/02/2015 till completion i.e. 26/09/2017 no leave under current principal

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