A conversation with
Akshay Jain
1st Rank Holder, CA Intermediate(IPC) Examination, November 2013

He was so happy that he was in tears.... We bring to you "to the point" strategies and motivation behind the 1st Rank holder of IPC exams. In an exclusive interview with CCI, Akshay shares how a success-story video pushed him to work hard to make his parents happy and proud.

Akshay, First of all many congratulations to you from CCI!!

Thank you!!

How are you feeling right now?

Very nice.

What was your first reaction when you got to know that you are the first rank holder?

When I received the call of the President of ICAI and he notified that I secured the 1st rank, I was so happy and was in tears.

How was your parent’s reaction on hearing this news?

They were also very happy. I shared the news at first with my dad and he felt very proud.

How was your interaction with the President?

It was good. He called up, said that he was the President of ICAI and notified that I have secured the All India 1st Rank. It was a casual conversation, he was very humble.

How big is this achievement for your career, now that you have secured the 1st rank moreover now pressure might be also high for your CA Final preparations?

The achievement is very big for me as this will help me to get good place for articleship and also my confidence is high now. Yes, expectations are now high as I have secured the 1st rank so need to work hard for scoring well in the Finals as well. But, as of now, I have 1 decided to prepare for CA Finals after a gap of 1 year.

Would you would like to thank anyone who have guided / helped you in this achievement?

I was inspired by a Topper’s Video that was shown in the class by our teacher where I saw how a father’s reaction was, to his son’s achievement. This in turn urged me to achieve this success so that one day I can also bring this proud moment in my parent’s lives. My parents were also supportive throughout. It’s also a huge moment for me that I have secured the 1st rank.


Can you share your strategy / time-table with us?

I made a strategy that how much time should be devoted for each subject and then revised those subjects accordingly. Apart from that, I made a schedule- which particular topics I have to go through before each exam. I also practiced some Mock test papers which helped meto know how one should write one’s paper in those 3 hours of examination.

What is your strategy for articleship?

I will try to join in any one of big-4s, especially in Taxation Department in which I am interested.

Apart from studies, what are your other hobbies?

I like watching TV, reading newspapers etc.

When did you decide to pursue CA as your career?

After my 12th standard, I joined for CPT. But, as I had also had joined SRCC so I dropped CPT in the middle but when I saw that many students are opting for CPT in the month of December, I continued the course again.

So, you are a student of the SRCC !! Will you join the upcoming Business Conclave event?

Yes, I would be joining there as a listener.

Any special message that you would like to share with your juniors or CA aspirants?

Don’t panic and study hard.

Akshay, thanks for giving your time to CCI, best wishes for your future and once again many congratulations to you from CCI!!

Thank you!!

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chirag sharma
[Scorecard : 49 ]

08 February 2014

" Cannot image you guys asking him just a few questions. These questions a school going kid would ask him, not CaClubIndia.. Disappointed ! "


chirag sharma
[Scorecard : 49 ]

08 February 2014

" Cannot image you guys asking him just a few questions. These questions a school going kid would him, not CaClubIndia.. Disappointed !"