A conversation with
CA Akshay Losalka
3rd Rank Holder, CA Final November 2013

CA exam results are just out and we had the opportunity to interact with toppers and bring to you their success stories and close sneak peek into their motivating secrets.

Meet Akshay all India 3rd Rank holder CA final Nov 2013. He is a very calm and confident guy who is very close to his mother. He likes to watch movies and cricket. He is passionate about teaching and would like to serve the profession by getting into this.

Let us find out what was his strategy and what helped him to bust the stress and score well.

First of all Akshay, many congratulations to you from CCI!!

Thank you so much!!

What was your first reaction when you got this news?

Actually, I got a call from the President before the results came out, 1 hour before. So, he told me I am Subodh Kr. Agarwal... do you recognize me? I said ”Yaa, you are the President of ICAI”. So, he informed me about my rank. But, then I thought that some friend might be cracking joke with me. But, then I asked him for assurance but he said that no you have secured 3rd rank and would see the result after 1 hour. And, when I saw the result, I got confirmed. I had a mixed feeling of being happy, excited and also surprised too. The happiness that I could see on the face of my parents made me very happy. So, that was also a good feeling.

So, now that you have secured 3rd rank and you are getting congratulations from all over the country, What is your feeling right now at this point of time?

This was also indeed great; I didn’t know that a 3rd rank holder also gets call from all over India. Different CAs also called me so I never expected this kind of respect that I got. So, this was also a very special feeling. I was not aware of this. I was surprised as well as very happy.

And how important is this for you, i.e. clearing CA with a rank, as an individual as well as in career prospective?

Actually, clearing CA in first shot is itself a big achievement. I was never planning to get a rank. Getting a rank is an additional benefit for you; obviously career wise as well as personal achievement is also a great achievement. Family members are also very proud.

So, expectations from family members, relatives must be high now?

Yes, expectations were high as I secured rank in Inter also. But, I have never planned for that.

Ohh Great!! So, what rank have you secured?

It was 38.

That’s nice!! You indeed have met their expectations!!

Yes, but that actually builds a lot of pressure on me. My mom supported me in this. She told me just do your hard-work and don’t think about the rank. If you get a rank then it would be an additional Benefit for you. Career-wise also its good as you get calls from many companies, you don’t have to struggle then.

Who have guided/helped you to achieve this in this whole journey?

Guidance was from all the family members, everybody supported me. My Principal also supported me from where I did my articleship; she also supported very much. But my mother was always there with me. Whenever, I was in tension or any sort of problem, I used to share it with my mother. After my first exams, in-fact my Accounts exam went very bad. I always tried to attempt my paper full so 100 marks attempt is something that I looked for, but in Accounts paper I attempted around 70 marks. So, that day I was like that 1st day, Accounts paper went so bad, I felt like what I will do. But my mom said that don’t lose your hope, just work hard you have to give 7 more exams. Just because of her, I gave the 7 more exams. And, when I got the rank, I just hugged her.Also I would like to thank all my teachers.

How much you scored in Accounts?

I have got 53.

Akshay, can you share what was your strategy / time-table with your juniors?

Actually, as I told that I have not planned to get a rank but yes I have leave for 3 months. And in those 3 months, my objective was to revise each subject atleast for 2 times. First two months, I have decided that I would complete my 1st revision and last 2 months I would go for 2nd revision. So, accordingly I divided the number of days in which I would have to complete a particular subject. Then, according to your strength and weaknesses like somebody string in MAFA so he would give 5 days instead of 6 and if you are weak in ISCA, then give 7 days instead of 6 and so on. That adjustment from individual to individual will differ. So, that routine, you will have to make for yourself.

What was your strategy during the exams that you have followed?

During the exams, my main motive was to complete all the 8 subjects – all the syllabus to revise atleast – means to read, to go through because you will not get enough time. That one day will be too short to complete the entire syllabus during the exams. So, main objective was to go through all the points which I read beforehand.


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What help did you got from the ICAI Tutorials?

Institute materials gives a lot of help to those individuals who go for self-study. But, as I took tuitions so I just followed only tuition notes and I didn’t have enough time to go through revision test papers or practice manuals but they do give you a lot of practice and it increases your confidence. Many of the teachers told that if you have time, then go for practice manuals. So, that is a good thing to do.

And which one will you prefer – tuition classes, self-study or online/e-learning coaching?

Anything that a student is comfortable with. For me, I took the tuitions as for me the main objective was to understand the concepts more logically. The teachers from whom I took the tuitions, they had also practical exposure and experience. So, when they teach, they give us practical reasons and examples. This not only helped me in my exams but will also help me in my practical life also. So, that was the main objective why I took the tuitions, but if you don’t take tuitions then also you can get good marks because many of my friends didn’t take tuitions but they have also secured good marks. So, it depends on students only. If they want to take, they should take and if not, they should not take.I have never gone through this e-learning classes but yes it will be good as it would be like anytime you can study.

What is the importance of articleship in one’s career and how was your experience?

Articleship is very important. It is something that gives you practical knowledge and experience that you will gain but it also habituates you of an official environment that you are going to get after you reach the corporate world and it also makes you do a lot of hard-work , struggle and determination, patience – all these qualities you will achieve when you do your articleship. So, articleship is the most important part of our curricular. We shouldn’t skip your articleship. I have learnt a lot. It also helped in papers like Audit, Tax or Law. You do get some questions which you have not studied theoretically but you have done that in practical, you will be able to write those answers. Like this time I got a question like: What are the documents required to make a DIN application – that was something which we didn’t find in the book but I filed many of the applications so I knew what are the attachments required for the same. So, articleship helps you in many manners.

And in this whole journey, any challenges or hurdles that you have faced or any special incident that you would like to share with us?

Special moment was that excitement in my face when I got my result. But, if we talk about hurdles, the 1st year of the articleship was a lot of struggle for me as that time I was attending my 3rd year of College also. Then moving to college from 6:00 to 9:30, it was like college classes, then from 10:30, articleship, then attending tuitions and then returning home after 10 and again getting up next day in the morning for college. So, that 1st year of articleship was really a difficult time for me.

How did you manage to cope up with this and inspite of all these distractions?

My parents support for me, especially my mom was always there for me. So, that pressure never mounted on me.

What is your next plan after this?

I am looking forward for corporate but I am interested in teaching profession also. So, in future If I get a chance for teaching, I will go for that but now I am looking for job only.

What are your other hobbies apart from the studies?

Apart from studies, I like to play cricket, watch movies and also listening to music.

Would you like to give any message for the CCI community & your juniors?

Work hard – that is something you would have to do in this CA course and be patient because many of my friends have not cleared this time so I feel very bad for them – so not to be demotivated, be patient and work hard.

Akshay, thanks a lot for giving your time to CCI and we would like to congratulate you once again and all the best for your future!!

Thank you so much!!

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