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A conversation with
Kruti B Shah
1stRank Holder, CA Exam (May-2013)

CA exam results are just out and we had the opportunity to interact with the toppers and bring to you their success stories and close sneak peek into their motivating secrets.

Kruti B Shah a Mumbaikar, has topped the all India Chartered Accountancy (CA) examination. She is a shy girl with aspirations of pursuing Law after this. She has credited her success to her parents and teachers. A very positive and down to earth girl who is very happy to have this achievement. She shared her experience and journey with CCI, let us find out what she has to say

First of all many congratulations to you, Kruti, on behalf of CCI.

Thank you!!

So how are you feeling now after getting 1st rank in CA Final.

Amazing, feeling like top of the world.

Ok nice!! So, what was your first reaction?

It was very difficult to believe initially. Then I checked the site again and saw that I have cleared it with a rank. I was at home only with my family and shared the moment with them, the first person I told this is my mother.

So, how important is this for you?

It is the biggest achievement. Nothing can be better than this. It's the biggest milestone that I have ever dreamed to cross.

Now expectations from everywhere must be high.

Ya you are right.

Who guided you in this whole journey and anyone who inspired you?

Everyone- all my teachers and my tutorials, my seniors at my workplace and everyone use to guide me in this whole journey.

Any special name you would like to mention or you would like to thank?

I would definitely thank all my teachers and specially my principal. My family was the one who motivated me. They have always inspired me to work hard and were very supportive.

So, Kruti, how you have achieved this? What was your schedule, time-table and strategy?

Actually, I used to go to the library early morning at 8 o'clock and I used to study till 11 and I used to take a small break, just to keep myself fresh. I have prepared in such a manner that I could get time to revise two times at-least before the day of examination. So, I have planned in such a manner that I could revise and be prepared with all the things before the exams. I never used to count how many number of hours I have spent in a day on study, I used to keep on studying unless I am tired.

It must be varying from day to day according to your mood!!

Ya (smiles)...

Would you suggest some tips on how to prepare for the exams and how to attempt for the exams for your juniors?

Definitely, I would just tell them that never be afraid of whatever is there in the paper. Everything is possible. Even if it is difficult, you can patiently and calmly try and put all your efforts and you will definitely be able to crack it. Panic is something which many times cleans away whatever is there in our mind. And we definitely have mock-test so we can get a glimpse of how to appear in the final exam. So, I would recommend everyone to have mock-test before appearing for the exams.


kruti   kruti
What is the importance of Articleship, how it fits in the exam?

It definitely does help you in subjects like DT, IDT comes, Articleship comes to a great rescue; like when you do it practically, you get to know more things, you get interest in it. I actually, used to love studying DT, IDT books because we had some practical knowledge, like how actually does the thing happen and studying that one was a great fun. So one should take his/her articleship very seriously, seniors also comes as a great help and guide you in exams.

So, what are you saying is that one should give good number of mock tests before appearing for examination?

Not much but atleast if possible, once or twice; so that one can have an idea of in 3 hours how to write a paper, whether you are able to complete and what kind of paper pattern is that. Actually, I got to learn many things from the mock test.

Any hurdles you have faced in this whole journey, you would like to share with us?

Whatever challenges were there, all my friends, my family was always there to support me. It wasn't difficult to come out of it. I think I am blessed for having such a great family as well as friends and teachers around me.

So, what is your next plan after this?

Actually, I am planning to do LLB.

That's really interesting because in the past we have interacted with previous toppers but none of them have showed their interest in Law after CA.

Ya, I have already applied at GLC, Mumbai. Have not planned yet that what I will do after that, may be will go in corporate law or something but right now I am concentrating on law.

Interesting!! Rank No. 1 and Rank No. 2, both are from Mumbai so how does it feel?

It feels great when we see that Mumbai is having toppers and we can prove that Mumbai students are bright. Usually, it is from Chennai or from somewhere else we feel that ranks will come from there, but from past 2 years it's from Mumbai so we feel great.

You are member of CCI since 2010? What help have you got from CCI?

Yes, I am. CCI definitely is very helpful for the students specifically for reference books, timings to study, expert opinions, which course to select etc have helped me many a times. Some special articles, for getting updates, it was very helpful.

Great!! So, now we would request you to write an article for CCI!!

Yes, I will surely try to. (Smiles ... )

So, do you have any message for the aspiring CA students?

Just do your best and leave the rest for God to decide. He will definitely give you what you what you want.

Thanks a lot Kruti for your time, now we would wish you for the celebrations. Once again congratulations and all the best for your future!

Thank you CCI!!

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