2nd rank

A conversation with
Kalvin Joshua Nicasius Fernandes
2nd Rank Holder, CA Exam (May - 2013)

CA exam results are just out and we had the opportunity to interact with the toppers and bring to you their success stories and close sneak peek into their motivating secrets.

Kalvin a young boy from Mumbai, has got the 2nd Rank in all India Chartered Accountancy (CA) examination. He is a simple guy who is determined and focussed and has interest in learning financial market and corporate world. He has credited his success to his parents, teachers and CA under whom he has done his Articleship. A relaxed boy who’s favourite show is Games of Thrones, is very happy to have this coveted achievement. He shared his experience and journey with CCI, let us finds out what he has to say:

Welcome to CCI Kalvin and many Congratulations to you and your family.

Thank you!!

So how are you feeling now after scoring this rank?

Very happy! I am in the best mood and celebrating this moment. However, since this is July we have lots of income tax filing work in office.

How big is this achievement for you? What was your first reaction after you got the news?

Very big! Because an All India Rank was completely unexpected. I couldn’t believe it at first; however when I saw it online, it started to sink in. I started thinking that it is a fact that I got a rank!!

In this whole journey who guided you and anyone who have inspired you?

Many people – the CA I am working under, he inspired me. Also the classes which I went for were very helpful. I would specially like to thank my mom and dad for supporting me in this journey.

Can you share with our community the time-table or strategy that have been followed by you?

It’s hard to explain in short but I’ll try (smiles)... I took leave in the last week of December but my classes continued till January. Till then, I used to think; I should go for classes and that was enough, so I was not actually seriously preparing. However at the end of January or say starting of February, I thought this it was high time I started preparing seriously. So then I made a rough plan: I would do theory papers in the morning and then practical papers in the evening, I decided that and I prepared for which subjects I should do first. I planned to get up at 7, start studying, take small breaks, like half an hour breaks in between and I would end my day at 11 or 11:30 pm. So in the months of Feb - April, I used to study for probably minimum 10 hours daily.

Would you like to suggest some tips on how to prepare for the exams for your juniors?

Think of it like CA Final is just another exam. The way one studies for it should be how we normally study for exams because we have already cleared our other exams like IPCC in that way. CA Final is no different. On another note, the suggested answers are excellent. One should go through them as many questions are repeated from there.

In this whole journey any hurdles or challenges you have faced?

Not so much. It was normal: going for classes in the early morning, then going to work everyday. However, all CA students face this.


So when did you decide that you want to pursue this career?

I decided late, actually after 12th standard, I felt I should go for CPT and then after I passed CPT, I thought that I would do CA now.

What is the importance of Articleship in any CA’s career?

I think it is very important. I would say the one of the main reasons I got such high marks in the tax papers was because I went for Articleship and I had done it there. You can study the theory, even do sums but once you actually do it practically, it stays in your head. If you get a question in the exam and then you suddenly remember that I did this case or I actually faced such a problem then it will prove to be very helpful.

Any special memory you would like to share with us?

After my first paper Accounts – The paper went very badly, it shattered my confidence. I thought that I should give up this attempt. Accounts is normally my best paper, I didn’t know whether the paper was tough for everyone or it was only tough for me. I thought it went horrible and I had doubts about passing that paper. However, the main point is that I did not give up at that time. If I would have given up after the 1st paper, I would be sitting for these upcoming November exams; but look at me now. I wouldn’t have known what my marks would be. So, I would say, that don’t give up. It takes a lot of determination to pass this exam.

So after CA what are your next plans?

I am planning to go for CFA right now. I am also planning to take a job related to the Financial Markets, in the corporate world.

So you will continue with the job and you want to pursue CFA along with that.

Yes, right.

Are you a member of CCI and what help you have got from CCI?

Yes I am a member of CCI. Normally, when I used search for something work related on the net, most of the answers I get are from CCI. It is very helpful.

What are your other hobbies apart from studies?

Apart from studies, I normally watch TV shows and I read books.

Which is your favourite show?

Right now it’s the recently ended Game of Thrones.

Do you have any message for the CA community or the aspiring CAs?

I would say give it your best shot. You need firm determination in order to pass this exam. As long as you are determined, you will pass. Do not get scared by the pass percentage. As long as you have the determination and are willing to do the hard-work you will pass.

Thanks a lot Kalvin, thanks for your time and once again congratulations from CCI and all the best!!

Thank you!!

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