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gst portal

GST Portal releases tutorial on Filing NIL Form CMP-08 statement through SMS

Filing NIL Form CMP-08 statement through SMS on GST Portal 1. A Composition taxpayer may now file NIL statement in Form GST CMP-08 for a quarter, through an SMS, apart from filing it through online mode, on GST Portal. 2. To file NIL Form GST CMP-08 through SMS, the taxpayer must fulfil the following conditions: Taxpayer must be registered as composition taxable person (by filing Form GST REG-01) or the taxpayer might have opte..

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Recent Updates on the GST Portal

Goods and Services Tax (GST) in India Goods and Services Tax is the tax levied by the Indian Government on the procurement of goods or services in the country. The tax was introduced in the year 2017. The tax has replaced all the other indirect taxes, like Value Added Tax (VAT), and compressed them into a single tax. GST (Goods and Services Tax) is charged by the government in slabs. The present slabs being 5%, 12%, 18%, and 28%. GST is managed by the Goods and Services Tax Counci..

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Enhanced version of Comparison Reports on GST portal

Comparison Reports of ITC & Liability has been made more user-friendly under the GST Regime by adding various new features. The enhanced version of the same can now be found on the GST Portal. ..

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Consolidated debit/credit note enabled on GST Portal

Consequent to amendment to section 34 of CGST Act,2017 through CGST (Amendment) Act, 2018&nbsp; which was made effective from February 1, 2019 , one credit note can be issued against one or more relevant tax invoices. Before this amendment, credit note/debit note could be issued only against one tax invoice, and giving reference to such a tax invoice was mandatory while reporting the debit/credit note in the GSTR1 on the GST Portal. &nbsp; <p..

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New functionalities made available for TCS and Composition taxpayers on GST Portal

New functionalities made available for TCS and Composition taxpayers 1.Provision to make amendment, multiple times, in Table 4 of Form GSTR-8 Earlier, if no action was taken on TCS details, auto-populated in TDS/TCS credit form, by the supplier or if the same were rejected by them in the said form, the TCS (e-commerce operators) could amend the details only once. Based on requests received from stake..

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Aadhaar Authentication now mandatory for GST Registration

As notified by the GSTN, Aadhaar Authentication has now been made mandatory for GST Registration. Now anyone applying for new registration can opt to undergo e-KYC authentication of their Aadhaar number. It has also been notified that one who fails to do so would be subjected to site verification by the tax department. Here is the official update as hosted on the GST Portal: Aadhaar Authenticatiobn process has been introduced, for the persons applyin..

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Facility to file GST refund application for July 2017 restored on GST Portal

It has been notified by GSTN that the facility to view data and file refund application of period July 2017 has been restored on the GST portal. Various other facilities have also been made available on the GST Portal lately for taxpayers which include: <a href="/news/gstn-notifies-on-downloading..

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Functionality to file revocation application of GST registration made available on GST Portal

The GST Portal has notified that the functionality to file a revocation application for cancellation of GST Registration has now been made available on the GST Portal. If the tax officer had rejected your application on or before the 12th of June, 2020 the application can now be filed again on the portal. Here is the updated as hosted on the GST Portal. Functionality to file ..

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Changes made in GST Portal and GST Act in July 2020

All the GST Amendment and GST Portal related changes in July 2020 has been presented below. 1. GST AMENDMENT IN JULY 1. Notification No. 58/2020 - CT dated 007.2020: CBIC amends GST Rule 67A which specifies Manner of furnishing of NIL return (GSTR 3B) or NIL details of outward supplies (GSTR 1) by short messaging service facility. Explanation - For the purpose of this rule, a NIL return shall mean a return u/s 39 for a tax period that has nil or n..

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New functionalities deployed on GST Portal including GSTR-4 Offline Utility

New Functionalities have been deployed on the GST Portal today as notified by GSTN. Following functionalities are now available for the taxpayers on the Portal: 1. GSTR 9, Table 8A Excel Download: You can now download document-wise details of Table 8A of GSTR 9, from the portal. This will enable you to reconcile the ITC values showing in GSTR 9 and GSTR 2A and see your ITC eligibility at invoice level 2. Revocation of Registra..

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GSTN restores July 2017 data on GST Portal

The technical glitches on the GST Portal are not new for the taxpayers. Just when you think it could not get worse, a new problem emerges on the portal. A few days back taxpayers were complaining that they could not view, file, or download returns on the GST Portal for the year 2017. The data for the year 2017 was lost or no longer available on the portal. The GSTN assured the taxpayers that they will soon restore the data on the portal for the year 2017. And as per the latest update from the..

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Facility to file Nil GSTR-1 through SMS now available on the GST Portal

Now you can file your NIL GSTR-1 through SMS too. This facility has already been provided for NIL filing of GSTR-3B. Please send SMS in the prescribed format to avail the facility of NIL filing of GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B through SMS. ..

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