Top Skills that CAs must Develop to be Relevant in the Coming Years

There aren't just a limited number of skills one needs to learn to be a good accountant. Of course, there are analytical skills as accounting necessitates a precise, detail-oriented eye. Then there are coordination, critical thinking, interpersonal interaction, versatility, time management, industry knowledge, experience, spreadsheet proficiency, etc. However, one cannot rule out the importance of soft skills in this age. Some of the most vital skills one should attempt to learn and devel..

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Shri Piyush Goyal calls upon the Chartered Accountants of the country to think big and scale up

Minister of Railways, Commerce & Industry, Consumer Affairs and Food & Public Distribution Shri Piyush Goyal today called upon the Chartered accountants of the country to think big and scale up to the global levels. Speaking at 73rd Chartered Accountants' Day Programme organised by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, he said that we need a complete mindset change, a reset of ambitions in our profession. The companies should look at mergers, acquisitions, partne..

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Why is CA Day Celebrated?

1st of July is celebrated as National Chartered Accountants Day in India. This day is celebrated to recognize the event of the formation of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) on July 1st, 1949. ICAI is counted as one of the oldest professional institutions in our country. ICAI is the second largest accounting body in the world after American Institute of Public Accountants set up by an Act of Parliament. For becoming a member of the ICAI, one needs to pass the prescribed CA..

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How Chartered Accountants can help businesses get through a financial crisis

With the COVID-19 outbreak and the nation-wide lockdown, the last few weeks have proven to be a challenging time for businesses who depend on day-to-day cash transactions. Restricted cash flows have made it difficult for them to make timely payments to their employees and suppliers/vendors. The current scenario has had a cascading impact on 60 million+ enterprises with over 110 million people employed by this sector. According to a survey conducted by Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce..

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Is CA course really Hard?

I'm often asked the above question but I am not sure if the spirit of the question means to ask if the content and subjects are tough, or the pressure alongside the study or the uneasiness of stepping outside your cozy comfort zone. Nevertheless I'll talk about the entire course as a whole. First, when saying CA is tough, what are you comparing it to? For the sake of parity, I assume that you might be comparing it to other courses out there. Do you realize a doctor's job is much m..

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Changes that Small and Mid-sized CA Firms should Implement after the COVID-19

While many people are talking about the impact of Coronavirus on the economy, GDP, running of businesses, taxation frameworks, etc, but are silent about changes that need to be incorporated in working style of Chartered Accountants especially those who are doing practice solely or in partnerships with small teams. All disruptions, be it is political or social or economical or health-related one, motivate us to change, and if we fail to change ourselves with changing times, chances of our surviva..

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Have you chosen to do CA?

Do you know why? I envy the age you are at, the start of life, the breath of fresh air and the advent of freedom to do and go wherever you want. Yet it's probably the toughest age to be at, as now you are faced with that troublesome question of -"What career do I choose?". Sometimes I wonder how this world expects usat the tender age of 17 to make such an important life affecting decision. The choice of a career becomes even more critical given the fact that most of us will n..

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ICAI issues advisory on advertisement of services rendered by CAs

In the past few days, we saw many Chartered Accountants raising the concern that how some online platforms are advertising services rendered by Chartered Accountants when it is against the norms. The ICAI has issued an advisory on advertisement of services rendered by a Chartered Accountant. The ICAI said that the advertisement of services is permissible vide "write up" with subject to guidelines. The Institute further clarified that members can advertise setting out their particu..

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Suggestions on recommended scale of fees for CAs

This recommended scale of fees declared for Chartered Accountants came out with revisions. Since it is a recommended measure neither the appointee who hires the services of chartered accountant nor the persons who get hired have major say in this issue. Still, it only helps in satisfaction of the mind of the CA by considering that, I have rendered the services of this specific value. Very few times it has happened, during my tenure of practice that we have been fees which are equivalent to the r..

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COVID-19: How is lockdown treating Chartered Accountants?

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought regular life to a halt. The number of cases is shooting up every day. To substantially reduce the spread of the virus in the country, lockdown was the only way out. Governments across the world have been requesting people to stay at home and practice social distancing to reduce exposure to the deadly virus. We saw announcements coming from the government a couple of weeks back asking people not to step out unless very necessary. It wasn't ..

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Proud to be a CA student

When a person is doing CA, he just only thinks about respect & earning in the future after becoming CA. So he choose one of the toughest course of the world. For becoming a CA you have to sacrifice all your comfort or we can say you have to leave your comfort zone & need to come in the struggle zone. There are lots of things that a CA student feel proud on that. When you say to someone that you are doing CA & he is shocked to here that & say CA is very hard. Then you will feel..

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Reasons for failure in CA exams

On average, more than 40000 students appeared in CA final & just 10-12% passed. Have you ever wondered why?  The reason is not being able to study properly & you need to increase your efforts. CA is considered one of the toughest exam so that’s not an easy thing to clear it.  Can you understand what is the difference between people who passed & who failed? The major reason is not being able to study properly. Here I have listed some common reasons&nb..

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