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SN Vertical Due Dates Particular Consequence of non compliance 1Income Tax N.A N.A N.A 30.04.2016 Payment of TDS deducted for themonth of M arch,2016. 3 COT 15.04.2016 Payment of COT(Monthly and for 4th Quarter) and fil ing of VAT 120 for March,2016. Interest @ 1.5% per month or part of the month, & Penalty @ 10% on the Tax payable. Payment of VAT and filing of VAT 100 20.04.2016 E-Payment & filing of Form 5A for the mo nth of March,2016. Interest @ 1.50% per month or part of the month, Pe nalty Rs. 250/- 30.04.2016 Payment of Professional Tax Renewal fee for Enrolle d Assessees (EC) for the year 2016-17 and submission of return in Form 4AInterest @ 1.50% per month or part of the month, Pe nalty Rs. 250/- 50% of Tax due for non-payment of professional tax 25.04.2016Half Yearly Return of ST-3 OCT-MARCH For-15days Rs.500/- Beyond 15 Days-30days Rs.1000/ - Beyond 30 days Rs.1000 + Rs.100 However Maximum Penaly Shall not exceed Rs.20000/- 7Excise06.04.2016GAR -7 10.04.2016Monthly Return for production and removal of goods ER-1 Monthly Return of Excisable Goods Manufactured & Receipt of Inputs & Capital Goods By EOU, STP,HTP ER-2 Monthly Return of Informations Relating to Principal Inputs by Manufacturer for Specified Duty paid>=Rs.One Crore in 2015-16 PLA/CENVAT/BOTH ER-6 Quarterly Return Prodution & Removal of Goods by SSI for Quaretr ending MAR-16 15.04.2016Quarterly Return of CENVAT by First & Second Stage Dealer Quarter ending MAR-16 20.04.2016Quarterly Return Prodution , Removal & Cenvat by Specified Manufacturers Yarns & Ready made Garments for Quaretr endingMAR-16 ER-3 30.04.2016Annual Declaration on principal inputs by Assasees who in FY 2015-16 paid >= 1 crore as PLA/Cenvat/BOTH to be Filed ER-5 Annual Installed Capacity Statement by all the assasees To be Filed ER-7 8 EPF 15.04.2016 Consolidate Statements Due and Remittance under EPF &EDLI Form 12A Monthly Returns of Employee Joined /Left 5/10 30.04.2016 Filling Consolidated annual Statement Form-6A Annual Return Monthwise Recoveries from Members in Form 3A 9ESI21.04.2016ESI Deposit www.kavirajaasociates.weebly.com Service Tax 6 MARCH COMPLIANCE Professional Tax 5 2 TDSInterest @ 1.5% per month or part of month from the date of deduction till the date of payment. 4 VAT 20.04.2016 Interest @ 1.5% per month or part of the month, & Penalty @ 10% on the Tax payable.

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