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FAQ on loan EMI waiver

Practice Q & A...

Posted on 30 March 2020  (Downloads: 99) Taxpayers

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Compliance Calendar - Feb 2020

Compliance Calendar - February 2020...

Posted on 27 January 2020  (Downloads: 394) Taxpayers

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Compliance Calendar 2020

Compliance Calendar 2020 As we know India as fastest growing economy and as economy of our country is growing day by day, the compliance of business is increasing day by day. Every some or other day new compliance are added to get more and more transpare...

Posted on 21 January 2020  (Downloads: 647) Taxpayers

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Financial planning tool - free

Build your personalised financial plan for free...

Posted on 20 May 2019  (Downloads: 845) Taxpayers

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Compliance Manual F.Y.2019-20 (A.Y.2020-21)

It contains compliance manual and compliance calendar for the financial year 2019-20 (A.Y.2020-20) ...

Posted on 08 May 2019  (Downloads: 2758) Taxpayers

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Tax compliance chart

due dates...

Posted on 03 April 2019  (Downloads: 1472) Taxpayers

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Due Date Calendar 2018

Perfectly fit and all due dates calendar for Professionals, Clients and general public....

Posted on 17 January 2019  (Downloads: 397) Taxpayers

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Compliance Calendar 2019

Dear Professional Colleagues Warm regards and Happy New Year. An initiative of Kubera Business Consultants Pvt Ltd Due Date Calendar 2019 is being published by us! 3rd syccessful year of this unique idea Coverage of Most due dates of Income Tax, G...

Posted on 14 January 2019  (Downloads: 568) Taxpayers

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TDS on Salaries for F.Y. 2018-19


Posted on 04 January 2019  (Downloads: 1398) Taxpayers

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Compliance calendar 2019 for Pvt. Companies

Compliance calender 2019 for Pvt. Companies ...

Posted on 31 December 2018  (Downloads: 2158) Taxpayers

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Compliance Calendar 2019

Corporate And Tax Compliance Calendar 2019...

Posted on 28 December 2018  (Downloads: 2128) Taxpayers

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Rent Receipt Format


Posted on 10 December 2018  (Downloads: 1088) Taxpayers

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Subsidy on Plant Expansion in Himachal & Uttrakhand

Government of India announced Industrial development scheme for Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand for Manufacturing and service sector....

Posted on 26 November 2018  (Downloads: 63) Taxpayers

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IT Flowchart

Question is based on IPCC IT Flowchart, Please help by solving this one...

Posted on 08 October 2018  (Downloads: 1040) Taxpayers

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Tax Planning


Posted on 23 July 2018  (Downloads: 1096) Taxpayers

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