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Modification of the abstract of XT-I Diary regarding, FORMAT OF XT-I DIARY

Last updated: 12 September 2007

Circular No. 855/13/ 2007-CX

F.No. 224/ 37/2005-CX-6 

Government of India

Ministry of Finance

Department of Revenue

Central Board of Excise & Customs


New Delhi dated the September 11, 2007


All Chief Commissioner of Central Excise & Customs

All Commissioners of Central Excise & Customs

All Director Generals

Subject: Modification of the abstract of XT-I Diary regarding. 



Attention is invited to Circular No. 53/88-CX-6 dated 12.07.1998 wherein a revised abstract  of XT-I diary was circulated. Over the years, the Central Excise laws and procedures have undergone several changes, and a need was felt to revise the format of the XT-I Diary. The revised XT-I contains important work carried out during a month and it does not require reporting of daily functioning as was being done in present XT-I format. Accordingly, the revised abstract of XT-I Diary is annexed to this Circular. Henceforth, the XT-I Diary shall be maintained as per the revised format. The new format shall come into effect from 01.10.2007.

2. While examining this issue, the Board has observed that the details reflected in XT-I Diary show the work done by field officer in discharge of duties and hence, it serves as an effective tool in the administration and inspection of respective offices. Therefore, it should be ensured that the XT-I Diary is written by all the concerned officers as per the existing guidelines.

3. The field formations may be instructed suitably.

4. Hindi version of the Circular follow.

Yours faithfully, 

Encl. As above.

(Rahul Nangare)

Under Secretary to the Govt. of India


i. Month and year

ii. Name of Officer

iii. Designation

iv. Place of posting

v. Details of visits out of place of work

Date Time of visit Place visited Distance travelled (Kms.) Mode of travel Work completed during visit Reason for visit* Remarks**


* Reason for visit- supervisions/sealing for export, inspection, transit check, preventive work, audit work, inquiry, survey, training, verification of premises, any other reason (please specify)

** Please specify whether permission of appropriate authority was obtained, if required, like in case of visit to SSI unit.

vi. No. of Ranges inspected

vii. No. of ER-I/ER-2/ER-3/ER-4/ER-5/ER-6 checked/scrutinized

(Please specify no. of each return separately)

viii. No. of refund/ rebate claims checked/verified

ix. No. of cases where action for recovery of arrears taken

x. No. of audit objection, for which show cause notices processed/issued

xi. No. of vehicles checked.

xii. No. of visits undertaken for preventive work-

(a) Searches of (i) premises…………(ii) vehicles……….

(b) Quantity and value of goods seized, if any:--

(c) Records resumed/seized, if any:--


(Name and signature of Officer)

To next higher authority



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