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DVAT - Correction of Tax deposited in wrong TIN/TAN

 Notice Date : 09 March 2015

Date : 9/3/15


Subject: Details of new application uploaded in the DVAT Server.

The following new applications were uploaded in the DVAT Server On  27-02-.2015 :

1. Notice 59(2) through System (for Department)

System Generated online notices were sent to all such dealers who have made affected their sales through e-tailers (M/s Snap Deal, Amazon & Flipcart) during the 1st and 2nd  quarter, wherein the sales reported by such dealers do not matched with their returns of respective quarters, the same has been provided in login Ids of AA. The concerned AAs may follow the same.
2. TIN to TIN challan transfer ( For Department/Dealers)

In case the dealer has wrongly deposited the Tax in wrong TIN/TAN, a front end module has been developed to redress such issues. In this module, the dealer (in whose accounts the payment has been deposited) shall apply online for transfer of such payment to correct TIN, wherein the dealer shall also require to provide the, detailed reason along with Scan copy of the request made to him by the affected dealer (to whom the tax is to be transferred). On receiving the online request AA concerned shall examine the same and recommend the matter to Systems Branch for final approval.

3.  Data Entry form up to 2011-12 (For Department/Dealers)

The department has relaunched  the application for the downloading of-the central forms prior to the year 2012-13. Now the dealer shall require to apply online request for the same providing the requisite details. The online application will be reflected-in the login of concerned AA. The concerned AA shall examine same with central purchases shown by the dealers in its the manual/online returns and with the record of total online forms downloaded for such financial year. On approval of the AA, the dealer can download the same.

4. Updated date of cancellation  (For Department)

The department has re-launched the front end application to AA with more robust checks for updating the effective date of cancellation in the orders issued by the same. AA may exercise the same with due diligence.

(Abdul Matin)
Assistant Commissioner

Please refer to the attached file


on 17 March 2015
Notification No : F.4.2014.Sys/2253
Published in VAT
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Attached File : 322600_6214_360402.pdf
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