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Change of designation of officers representing CBEC in the CESTAT

Last updated: 29 August 2011

 Notice Date : 26 August 2011

 Change of designation of officers representing CBEC in the CESTAT


Circular No. 951/12/2011 -CX


F. No. 390/Misc./80/2011-JC

Government of India

Ministry of Finance

Department of Revenue

(Central Board of Excise & Customs)




New Delhi, dated the 26th   August, 2011





1.  All Chief Commissioners and Director Generals under the Central Board of   Excise and Customs.

2.  CDR, Customs, Excise & Service Tax Appellate Tribunal.

3. All Commissioners of Customs / Central Excise/ Service Tax / All Joint Chief Departmental Representatives

4.  Joint Secretary (Admn), CBEC, Joint Secretary (Revenue-HQ), D/Revenue.

5. Registrar, CESTAT, New Delhi, Deputy/Assistant Registrar,CESTAT, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bangalore & Kolkata.

6.   <webmaster.cbec@icegate.gov.in>



Sub:-    Change of designation of officers representing CBEC in the CESTAT



Sir / Madam,



With the approval of the Competent Authority it has been decided to re-designate the officers representing the Department before the Customs, Excise and Service Tax Appellate Tribunal (CESTAT) with immediate effect. The new designations will be as follows:-



Rank of the officer       Present Designation                     New Designation

(i)         Chief Commissioner                      CDR                                           Chief Commissioner (A.R.)

(ii)         Commissioner                              Jt. CDR                                    Commissioner (A.R.)

(iii)   (a) Additional commissioner               SDR                                        Addl. Commissioner (A.R.)    

(iii)   (b)Joint Commissioner                      SDR                          Joint Commissioner (A.R.)

(iv)   (a)   Deputy Commissioner                JDR                           Deputy Commissioner (A.R.)

         (b)   Assistant Commissioner               JDR                                   Assistant Commissioner (A.R.)

         (c)   Superintendent                        JDR                            Superintendent (A.R.)   

        (d)     Appraiser                               JDR                            Appraiser  (A.R.)


2.         The abbreviation (A.R.) stands for (Authorised Representative).


3.         The change in designations may be brought to the notice of the officers working under your charge for use in future correspondence.


4.         Hindi version follows.



(Sunil K Sinha)

Director (Judicial Cell)



Notification No : Circular No. 951/12/2011 -CX
Published in Excise


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