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Lead Bank Scheme – Conduct of State Level Bankers' Committee (SLBC)/Union Territory Level Bankers' Committee (UTLBC) meetings

 Notice Date : 29 December 2010

 Lead Bank Scheme – Conduct of State Level Bankers' Committee (SLBC)/Union Territory Level Bankers' Committee (UTLBC) meetings



RPCD.CO.LBS.BC.No.44 /02.19.10/2010-11

December 29, 2010


CMDs of all SLBC Convenor Banks


Dear Sir,

Lead Bank Scheme – Conduct of State Level Bankers' Committee

(SLBC)/Union Territory Level Bankers' Committee (UTLBC) meetings


The SLBC/UTLBC plays a very important role in coordinating and supervising developmental efforts of Government agencies and banks in the State/Union Territory. As per our extant instructions, the meetings of these committees are required to be held at quarterly intervals and should be chaired by the Chairman & Managing Director (CMD) of the convenor bank or additionally co-chaired by Additional Chief Secretary or Development Commissioner of the State concerned.  High levels of participation in SLBC/UTLBC meetings ensure an effective and desired outcome with meaningful discussion on issues of public policy focus of both the Government of India and Reserve Bank of India.


2. Of late, it has been observed that these meetings are neither conducted in time nor the agenda is circulated in advance. Further, the level of participation in the meetings is not upto the prescribed level undermining the prime objective of holding the meetings. A need is, therefore, felt to streamline and strengthen the system of holding of these meetings.


3. In view of the above, to improve the effectiveness and streamlining the functioning of SLBC/UTLBC meetings, it has been decided that henceforth, beginning from January 1, 2011, convernor banks will prepare a yearly calendar of programme (calendar year basis) in the beginning of the year itself, for conducting the meetings. The calendar of programme should clearly specify the cut off dates for data submission to SLBC and acceptance thereof by SLBC convenor. This yearly calendar should be circulated to all the concerned as an advance intimation for blocking of future dates of senior functionaries of various agencies like banks, State Governments, RBI, etc. The SLBC/UTLBC meetings should be conducted as per the calendar decided in the beginning of the year under all circumstances. The agenda should also be circulated in advance without waiting for the data from defauting banks. The matter should, however, be taken up with the defauting banks in the SLBC meeting and SLBC Convernor Bank, in addition, should write a letter in this regard to the controlling office under advice to Regional Office of RBI. SLBC Convenor Bank will, however, continue to follow-up with banks for timely data submission. In case even after such a long notice, if Chief Minister, Finance Minister or other very senior functionaries are not able to attend the SLBC on some very rare occasion, then if so desired by them, a special SLBC meeting can be held.


4. Following broad guidelines should be used for preparation of the calendar of programmes:



To be completed by (Date)

Preparation of calendar of SLBC/UTLBC meetings and intimation to all the concerned of the cut-off dates for submission of data and dates of meetings as per the dateline given below.

15th  January every year

Reminder regarding the exact date of meeting and submission of data by banks to SLBC

15 days before end of the quarter

Dead line for receipt of information/data by SLBC Convenor Bank

15 days from the end of the  quarter

Distribution of agenda cum background papers

20 days from the end of the  quarter

Holding of the meeting

Within 45 days from the end of the quarter

Forwarding the minutes of the meeting to all stakeholders

Within 10 days from holding the meeting

Follow-up of the action points emerged from the meeting

To be completed within 30 days of forwarding the minutes (for review in the next meeting)


5. Please acknowledge receipt of the circular and confirm action taken as above to our Regional Office.


Yours faithfully,

(Dr. Deepali Pant Joshi)

Chief General Manager -in- Charge



on 30 December 2010
Notification No : RPCD.CO.LBS.BC.No.44 /02.19.10/2010-11
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